Weight Loss

Bodybuilders usually use Weight Loss products in addition to Anabolic steroids during the contest preparation. During the bulking cycles a bodybuilder has to eat large quantities of food and although most athletes diet carefully some calories are inadvertently transformed to fat. For best results on competitions this fat needs to be removed and during the cutting cycle drugs in this section are used besides cutting steroids.

Most drugs used by bodybuilders for weight loss were originally not mentioned for this purpose. Medically they are used for various purposes, but in medicine most are used broncodilators. One of the most popular drugs, Clenbuterol, is used for treatment of Asthma. As one of the side-effects of Clenbuterol in Asthma treatment is increased heart rate, increase in blood pressure and oxygen transportation. All these effects increases the rate at which fat and proteins are metabolized consequently reducing fat on the athlete’s body. So in weight loss treatment effects and side-effects change roles. Generally, given their nature and medical use, these drugs are not illegal.

Athletes should be careful though, as most of these drugs were initially not meant for weight loss and their use as such was never officially investigated. One should be very careful of the side effects of these drugs and as always stop taking them when side effects become bothersome.

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