Bulking Steroids

Bulking Steroids is a general class of Steroids who’s main purpose is help in gaining mass and strength. That does not mean that the Steroids in this section are used ONLY for gaining mass as all anabolic steroids have a definition effect as well, but with these the mass effect is the most pronounced.

The anabolics in this section also very quite a lot in their effects, Anadrol for example, will give bodybuilders great gains in mass in strength but it will be quite poorly defined, and the gains are usually lost fairly quickly after discontinuing the cycle. On the other side we have very versatile steroids that can be used for both mass and definition. A very known example of such a steroid is Deca Durabolin which can is regularly used in both cutting and bulking cycles. As with any other case in life, however, the down side of more versatile steroids is the fact mass gains will be smaller than with a dedicated bulking steroid.

The differences in effectiveness are quite different from each bulking steroid to another so one cannot just pick one out at random – you should read a description of each drug carefully to see whether it’s effects comply with ones desires.

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