To sleep or not to sleep…

Today I will talk about something that seems very insignificant, but it is very important for the life of the sportsman. We do it every day, but do we know, hot to get the right sleep?

Believe me when I say, that a good nights sleep is very important for your progress. This is why I will include some tips for the basic human need – Sleep!

First rule: Sleep for 9 hours!

No excuses, I must do this or my boss/wife will kill me. A person who does not get enough sleep is not as productive as he could be. Surveys have shown that in US a person sleeps only 6,9 hours a day. Optimum is around 9 hours. This is a difference of 2 hours. It has been shown that a person, who sleeps normally around 8 hours and sleeps 1 hour more than usual his awareness state increases for about 25%.

To find out how much sleep you really need. Start sleeping 8 hours a day, than slowly decrease sleep for 15 minutes, if you will experience tiredness, lack of concentration and change of mood than you need more sleep. Most people need more than 8 hours sleep daily.

Second rule: Create a sleep routine!

As you will master this rule, you will not an alarm clock anymore. Woow! What a thought! Imagine that. To master this rule, everyday must be the same, weekends included! Institute in Israel has shown that brains and muscles are very similar. Both work best in an 24 hour cycle. Go to sleep everyday at the same time and you will soon get up soon at the same time. If you know, that you must get up early in the morning, than go to sleep 20 minutes earlier, your body will be grateful. But remember follow the same routine every day.

Third rule: Sleep the whole night together!

The basic principle of this rule is the basis of a good nights sleep. Do not sleep 15 minutes more after your alarm clock has rung. If you cant get up, go sleep 20 minutes earlier and then get up as soon as your alarm clock rings. One simple advice is, put your alarm clock on max volume and as far away from your bed as possible. So you will have to get up to press snooze.
This is a simple trick and you will soon see that this is much better than before!

Fourth rule: Make up your lost sleep!

Lack of sleep is very tiring thing. So avoid this at all costs. You will get very tired if you this often. If you are used to having 8 hour sleep every day and you were sleeping only 7 hours, this means you will have at the end of the week 7 hours less sleep. The rule to make up this hours is, for every 2 hours lost get at least 1 hour back. But please use previous rules or else you will be tired as well.

Fifth rule: Every week have a hard training!

<š>You probably know this rule. A good training will decrease stress and improve a good nights sleep. Scientist on Harvard have proven that people with a good hard training have improved quality of sleep, quality of life, and decreased the stress and depression. Training will help you cope with the stress in the life. But do not train right before the sleep. Training will increase your endorfin level and increase your body temperature and both of this factors will keep you awake. The best time of training is in the morning and early in the evening, but you must finish your training at least 4 hours before your sleep.

Sixth rule: Eat healthy food!

You also know this rule and you also obey this rule. But anyway a good balanced nutrition will also improve your sleep. Do not eat very spicy meals in the evening or you might have problems with sleeping. As you were young parents told you drink a glass of milk and you will fall in sleep. Well they were 100% correct. Milk and milky products, turkey, and peanuts contain an amino acid called tryptophan, it helps the brain produce serotonin, a chemical that helps you relax and consequently you will fall a sleep easier.

Seventh rule: Be careful where you sleep!

The best place to sleep is dark, cool, cosy room. It is imperative for a good nights sleep to reduce the noise and light in the room you sleep. If you can not do this use earplugs and curtains to improve the condition. A good nice bed is also very important.

Eight rule: Relax!

Relax, take a bath, listen to nice music and forget all the worries. You will be relaxed and it will be much better sleep. If you read a book, as soon you are ready to sleep put the book away. Do not plan or think about the things of the next day just before your sleep. Trust me, being relaxed before you sleep is very important!

This eight rules will improve your sleep. A person who had a good nights sleep will be much more productive, effective and your will improve your life just by having a good nights sleep.

Always remember a training and supplements are just the stimulation for muscles. Muscles grow when you sleep. To increase muscle growing you must have enough of quality sleep!

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