Minimize damage after an AS bust

Got a package home but have a phobia of DEA just waiting to bust in and catch you with your favorite mix in your hands? Just don’t open the package for couple of days…

For theoretical reasons try to imagine the following situation: You order your favorite Anabolic Steroid stack through one of the internet shops; its cheaper, and more discrete. You were notified your package is on the way and should have arrived two days ago. Because of the delay you get nervous: were you scammed? Is the postal service late as usual? Did the customs intercept the package? Was DEA or police notified and they are just waiting to bust you? You just heard of a large bust by DEA, are they after you now?

Completely paranoid you than see the mailman deliver a small package and you can’t wait for him to get away so you can collect it. You open the mailbox to see whether your anabolic cycle you craved for arrived; and there it is. But paranoid as you are at this point, what do you do? What if the authorities are just waiting to catch you?

Well, at the beginning, lets say that the probability the authorities would go after you for ordering anabolics online are extremely slim, it can’t even be measured in percents, merely in promiles. With expand of internet sales (of all kinds, not just anabolics) on one hand the custom services are overwhelmed with packages and they are physically incapable of checking them all and on the other hand there are so many people ordering anabolics by mail that going after all of them would literally take billions of US dollars. Here you have to understand that this is at the level for personal use; if you just received couple of thousands of dollars worth of roids, than the story is completely different and you should probably be a little worried. But for small users it’s completely safe. In worst case you would simply get a letter of confiscation from the customs.

Step one: when you place an order for anabolics, it doesn’t matter where you do it, you use another first name for the shipping address, preferably one not used in the household. If your name is Mike Smith than they should put Joe Smith on the package. Just make sure that difference in the name will not cause delivery problems; if you order to your home than probably your family name is on the mailbox and it is not a problem; if you order to office, than another name could confuse matters.

But you are still paranoid, and the above statement doesn’t really comfort you. So here is a really simple solution. It is publicly known fact, learned by experiences by multiple »offenders« over the years that authorities usually don’t wait to bust an offender, but act relatively quickly, usually within 2 days from delivery of the package. This is done for couple of simple reasons; 1st, every police action requires funds and to wait and survey for a long time takes funds which the weight of the offense does not justify. 2nd. there’s always risk that the offender would use and thereby destroy the evidence. 3rd. Warrants are usually issued for a short period of time, and to wait would mean to lose the warrant.

So you’ve got couple of days to worry about, but that still doesn’t really help you as you have the steroids at home and if they bust in you are toast. Well, not really. As said above, you should worry for 2 days, 3 max. So once you identify the package as the one you ordered and you think it contains the steroids (that shouldn’t be too hard, usually they are a bit bulkier envelopes with some sort of box inside, most probably coming from abroad) you just let it be. For that time you simply don’t open the package, you put it somewhere near the entrance, and let it be. After you feel comfortable that the authorities aren’t coming, you open it and use it. And at that point you start looking for pins and barrels if you are using oil.

Now you’re probably wondering what happens if the police does come. Basically, they will ask you about the package, than search your whole residence (hey they got the warrant, why not use it, maybe they might find something else). Above you probably wondered why not buy the syringes before – simple, they would be found at this point, and if you didn’t have a good excuse for having them it could mean trouble (hint: get yourself a girlfriend with diabetes :). So they start asking you about the package, why did you order it, didn’t you know its illegal, blah blah blah. And you play stupid and completely ignorant of anabolics. You didn’t know it’s illegal to take mail from your mailbox and you sure don’t know what’s in the package and you were about to take it back to the post office as it is obviously a mistake in identity as it’s not even for you. Hey, your name is Mike, not Joe! You are a muscular type so have to be using!? Hell no, you live healthy and those drug addicts that inject drugs should all be arrested.

So if you consider things from a legal point of view, they don’t really have anything on you. You received a package that obviously wasn’t meant for you and you didn’t even bother to open it. Nothing else in the residence was found to suggest you ever used anabolic steroids (if they found needles they could have some sort of connection between them and the contents of the package) and you certainly have a negative stance towards anabolics. They would most probably drop the case right there due to lack of evidence; and even if they decided to press charges an averagely competent lawyer should get you out – even one appointed by the state.

But as said in the beginning, the probability of authorities building a case against you for a small amount of anabolics is so slim it will most probably never happen. Than again, the solution above doesn’t cost a thing, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

This article is based on personal experience and the main idea was already used in other articles, so don’t credit me for presenting it.

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