Get your cycle back home

Went to Tijuana, bought “supplies”, now you’re afraid to cross the border back home? Here’s a fail safe solution; make sure you girlfriend has enough of sun block oil…

Let’s face it, Mexico is a great country! Booze is cheap, Girls are easy, and Roids are freely obtainable. It kinda sucks to live there, but it for vacation only, so no fret. Well, you can buy Anabolics cheap without prescription, you can use them without fear of anybody arresting you for taking care of your body, but you would surely like to take some of that stock you just bought back home.

Herein lies the problem – These days the probability of a bodybuilder being checked at the border after coming back from a vacation in Mexico is higher than ever. One could even assume that smuggling grass is easier than smuggling roids, and the penalty is about the same. But we’ll discuss this issue some other time; it’s time for a bit more practical advise.

As with most things in life it’s good to consider all aspects of this endeavor (this is only about getting your cycle back home, all other aspects are up to you – rubber is always a good idea ;). Legal ramifications are obvious and you should know you will probably get detained if caught, or worse. Do consider this and please don’t blame the author of this article for any problems you might have. This is just an informative narrative and you should consider it as such. Let this be done with the legal chitchat.

You also need to consider what kind of stack you intend to bring back; you should know that you will have a hard time taking over tablet form steroids for they are easily identifiable and even more easily mistaken for drugs. Oil on the other hand, if not in original container… you can see where I’m going. So what is a suitable container? It has to be strong enough to hold the oil; it has to be really inconspicuous; and really really common. Now what item would have all those characteristics and would look normal on a trip to Mexico? Well, if you didn’t get it by now – sun block oil.

So before you go to Mexico go to a store and buy couple of brands of sun block oil and some pharmacy grade alcohol. When you get home take a closer look at the oil containers. What you are looking for is one that can be easily opened without harming it. Open the container – usually they’re in a form of a tube – and empty it. Usually the tube is closed by means of a plug. Remember to keep some oil for later use! Now take that alcohol and rinse the tube from inside; after you’ve done it do it again; and then yet again. Keep in mind that you will inject the oil from the tube after you get back home and you want it to be absolutely clean – if you leave any dirt inside the least that can happen to you when you use the roids inside is an infection. Don’t forget to rinse the cover and the plug. Let it dry and reassemble.

Now you can go on your vacation, enjoy, have fun, etc, and some time in between you will probably stop by a pharmacy. Buy all items required for your cycle, and take them home-hotel-motel. At this time it would be prudent to consider exactly how your cycle will look like. Keep in mind that when you inject different injectable anabolic steroids you can draw them in the same syringe and inject them together. If your cycle will consist of Deca and Sustanon you simply open all the amps and vials required for the cycle and pour them in your sun block tube and have them ready to use. Close the tube with the plug and top.

This part is optional, not really hygienic, but good for the act. Remember when we talked about keeping some of the original contains of the tube for later use? Well, the thing is, most sun block oil has some sort of a aroma; if you want your tube to really be authentic, it needs to have the same aroma. So you apply some of the original contents on the OUTSIDE of the tube. Just enough that it will smell the act. Remember to rub the whole tube thoroughly when you get home so you don’t contaminate the steroids inside.

When you go home, act normally. If you are BIG you might (or will) get checked, customs are really harsh on anabolics these days. If you would have had stuff in original packaging, you’d be in deep s**t. Bo no customs officer will order a lab test on a tube of sun block oil, not without any real clue besides a hunch. Remember, these tests take money, and a lot of tourists carry sun block on them. It’s as simple as that.

When you are home free it’s up to you whether you will move the oil to other container or draw directly from the tube. Generally it should be OK for couple of months, if kept in normal temperature and out of light. And don’t forget PCT.

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