Do all you can do with your shipping address

Want to do everything in your power so the customs don’t stop your package? Make it into someone else’s name…

You just found a reliable supplier who got couple of packages to you no problem. But now you would like to order a whole cycle, not only you want to get everything home before you start your cycle, a complete cycle is also cheaper. But now a problem presents itself. You didn’t really mind losing a small package worth fifty or so bucks, but this one is a big one and when couple of hundreds of dollars are at stake you want to make sure there is no interference by anyone. Not to mention any problems you might have should the package be intercepted with your name on it.

Normally, one would have his own name and address written on the package. If everything goes well, that is the most convenient way, you open your mailbox and pick up the package, and instantly you are ready to bulk. However, if something goes wrong, you might have problems. One of the greatest fears is police officials entering your home and busting you in the act. So how do we avoid any potential police interference?

If we look at the mail distributing and customs checking process we can see that all mail enters the distribution center where it is divided in roughly three lines – small envelopes (containing documents, postcards, commercial material, etc), small packages (somewhat bulkier packages that contain small items, small enough to fit in a postbox) , and bulk packages (anything that doesn’t fit in the above categories, generally packages of more than 1 lb). The first category is usually not inspected by the customs because papers can hardly be taxed; and because of sheer volume of such mail it is impossible to check it all. The third category is almost always opened and checked for contents. The second category though is somewhere in between; because of the volume of these packages (and because sometimes even the sorting machines cannot see the difference) it is not feasible to open them all. So they are checked when certain conditions are met. These include but are not limited to physical properties, addressee, sender, etc.

At this point we should clarify that customs in different countries have different procedures; and although this article is based on speculation and experience from receiving items in various countries it is possible that in your country situation is different – two countries that are exception to the rule are Australia and New Zealand. Respect to the customs officers there; they seem to check even postcards…

Anyways, let’s move to practical application from the above mentioned theory. Most places where you would generally order anabolic steroids have an option to change your shipping address. If you pay by credit card this is quite limited but you can still take advantage of that option. First thing you want to do is to rent a PO Box and order there. And because there is no name on the PO Box you can put any name on the package that comes to mind. If you would order home and put a made up name on the package postman could get confused, end if you live in an apartment your package could be returned because there is no such person living at that address. If you order to a PO Box though, only thing that matters is the number of the box. Furthermore, should all things go wrong and customs would be on to you, there is really nothing they can pin you on – your name is not on the package, and maybe they just put the package in the wrong PO box; maybe the sender wrote the wrong box number on the package, and maybe even it is the wrong ZIP altogether.

There’s another good reason why to use a PO Box – a lot of businesses use them. And since a lot of businesses use them you should really consider putting a company name on the package. Not that you would open a business so you could use the name but simply make up a name, something like Betty’s Rejuvenation Studio ltd would do just fine. Besides giving a bogus name for the address this will make it less conspicuous for the customs. Businesses get commercial packages from all over all the time and a package sent to a business is less likely to get opened by the customs. And that is the whole point, really.

There are other things you should consider when ordering; they are not completely in your hands, but you might want to warn your source about them. First thing is definitely the package itself – although it seems really stupid not long ago there was an online source that was sending packages with their website name – including their “buy anabolic steroids” statement. It doesn’t hurt to warn your source about that. And finally there is also an issue of the return address. Because technology has so improved in the past years literally every package is scanned automatically when sorting. This is generally not a problem unless any of the names on the package is in customs database. Than such a package would be automatically checked. So you also might want to warn the source about this, to take appropriate measures.

These are some of the things you might consider when placing an order. They are not guaranteed to work 100% but they do give you that little advantage. And sometimes this little difference is all it takes to be successful with your mail order anabolic steroids.

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