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The end of Summer

Hello Guys

Those of you who actually read this blog have noticed I haven’t published any posts in August. I apologize but I decided I would take a long vacation and have consequently neglected this little hobby of mine. Well, the good news is that I will continue to post and some interesting articles/posts/comments should come up soon.

Stay in touch.

Marathon and no music!? Usa Track & Field ban headphones, IPODs and other musical players

USA Track & Field, the U.S. governing body for running, banned headphones, IPods, Micro Players, Zunes and other musical players at their official races!

They are saying it brings all listeners a competitive edge to other non listeners!

They also state that it is for safety reasons.

Jill Geer, spokeswoman for USA Track & Field, said the ban was “basically an insurance issue,” because rates rise substantially if headphones are allowed. Each sanctioned race receives liability insurance from USA Track & Field, and it would be up to each race director to enforce the ban. If the ban was not enforced, the races would incur the liability in the event of an accident caused by someone using headphones,

Geer said. While race officials could not cite specific incidents caused by headphone users, they did say that the new rule would make races safer because it improves communication. Still, they fear that banning headphones may alienate some recreational runners.

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