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A great deal for buying anabolics

We just found a great deal for buying anabolic steroids.

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First batch of British Dragon products is already selling

A long awaited British Dragon products have began selling on some websites, including and Sustanon-Deca,com

Some were saying the British Dragon products are vaporware, but it looks like they were wrong, because the British Dragon products are here now.

Currently the products from British Dragon are:

Buying Steroids Online

I have an extended article about positive and negative sides on purchasing steroids online here. However, I’ve had some new experience in this respect recently – and I thought I would share my thoughts on this.

As many people I’ve grown accustomed to buying stuff on the net – from software and music, computer-hardware, to some really weird items from ebay. The thing is, it grows on you, and once you get used to it you have certain expectations that one reflects on all internet dealings.

As all things in life this has positive and negative consequences though. On one hand I’m more and more trusting towards all internet offerings and in most cases this is a good thing. Years ago I could never imagine trusting some guy on ebay to send me the newest Dell computer for half of retail price. These days it’s only natural. The bad thing is I now expect all internet dealings to be as straightforward as buying a book from Amazon.

The problem these days is I often forget that buying steroids online and having them shipped to US is not really legal (understatement, I know). It became a habitual thing to me. I recently bought some exotic roids from Europe (again) and the shipment was late, 6 days overdue. Naturally I contacted the store and (not using really nice words) demanded to know what was going on. They were nice enough to explain to me when the items were shipped and from where, but that I couldn’t track the shipment because it was not shipped by registered mail. HUH?!

Well, several emails later and I was able to understand everything. With international mail registered packages need to have declaration of contents included. In many countries steroids are legal so one would think no problem, just declare medicine. Well, the customs do read the declaration so those would be checked immediately. A, I was thinking, why not lie? Supposedly, if one lies on the declaration it can be considered a criminal offense. Basically, as I understand, the only way to keep themselves and their customers out of trouble is to simply ship by regular mail.

Finally, the package did arrive. Just delayed a bit.

I got to wonder though, and eventually I did realize that I couldn’t really blame anyone but the country I live in for the problems. I’m not gonna nag about how roids should be legal and all that, but the bottom line is, if you live in a country where a product is illegal, you can’t expect everything to go smoothly every time and sometimes you could have problems.

For example, if you order steroids and they get confiscated, who’s fault is it? Sure, most of us would be angry at the supplier for not shipping carefully enough, but I’ve seen that customs sometimes open packages that could only contain paper. Couple of years back customs would locate and open packages that contained sachets or paper anabolics, which were designed with the sole purpose of passing customs. I really wonder how larger items actually pass customs. I guess if I had a package seized I’d be really angry, but I guess it would be my fault as well, as I’ve paid someone to send those items to me. Unfortunately it’s a take it or leave it situation and one has to be a bit lucky for everything to go smoothly every time.

The bottom line is, I still beleive buying steroids online is the best option for most people (the ones living too far from Mexico anyways). But you do need to keep in mind that ordering steroids to the states is not the same thing as buying your everyday item from Amazon.

Summer time

OK, officially summer has started. You wouldn’t be sure as temps don’t really suggest it, but officially summer time has started.

Not only can you be sure of it by looking at the calendar, the activities in the steroid world suggest the same thing. Well, lack of activities that is. Looks like everyone is thinking about the summer, and everybody has stopped doing what they were doing and are just relaxing.

In the same way there is almost no steroid related news these days. After the arrests in the past month (Mainly in Texas) and DDoS attack on bodyofscience nothing really happened since. Bodyofscience is still down, community is still speculating who is behind this, but no real discovery has been made.

If you haven’t finished your cycle before summer, or are still thinking about a cycle, good news – you can get 6% discount on one order at (they sell Asia Pharma…). No hurry though, you can use it until end of July.

Human Grade rare Anabolic streoids?

Well, It has finally happened. There is much dispute whether Asia Pharma Pharmaceuticals is a Human Grade manufacturer or a fancy UGL. The fact is that they have successfully registered Enantbolic and Decabolic (test. enanthate and nandrolone decanoate) in Thailand, and bodybuilders have accepted the fact that the normal products that are manufactured by many other companies are indeed human grade. Reports from people using these products also confirm that they are of exceptional quality.

So the main question was how the more exotic products will fare. Well, we can expect the answers very soon as online pharmacies have already started sales of certain products. has published news today that the following products were received: Stanozolol Depot (Stanobolic Injection), Stanozolol Tabs (Stanobolic Tablets), Trenbolone Acetate (Trenabolic Injection), Turanabol (Turanabolic Tablets), and Aquaviron (Aquabolic Injection).

The main question is will these products be of the same high quality as we got used to in the past months. It is interesting to note that the products are quite cheap considering other Asia Pharma products (here Stanozolol really sticks out at $93.60 for 500 mg). I for one would really wish to see some testing done by Llewllyn so we could compare these to other manufacturers. If you want to be a test dummy visit

Morris – Swine flu could respond to Tamiflu

An expert Roger Morris said swine flu could react to the cure Tamiflu – Oseltamivir Phosphate.

Roger Morris, an international disease control consultant, said at this stage the virus seems to react to Tamiflu and any early cases which arrived New Zealand would be treated with the drug, the Newstalk ZB radio reported on Sunday.

An expert in disease control said New Zealand cannot stop the spread of a new strain of swine flu simply by stopping travel, New Zealand media reported on Sunday.

An emergency decree has been declared in Mexico following the outbreak of a new flu virus suspected of killing 81 people there.

The World Health Organization has declared the outbreaks of influenza-like illness in Mexico and four U.S. states as a “public health emergency of international concern”.

The flu spread from person to person, rather than being caught from pigs.

But health officials have stopped short of declaring a pandemic.

Morris said stopping travel movement around the world will not stop the virus spreading.

He added that there will be enough people incubating the disease who will get through the system and continue to spread it.

More info on CDC about Swine flu.

Buy Tamiflu – Oseltamivir Phosphate by Hoffman – La Roche on

New products on has added some new products to their product selling list.

Products are:

Acomplia has been approved for use within the EU and was available to patients in the UK from June 28th, 2006. The drug was approved by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) on June 24th, 2008.

Acomplia is available to patients who are clinically obese (they have a BMI in excess of 30) or overweight (they have a BMI in excess of 27) and exhibiting other clinical indications such as type II diabetes or an unsatisfactory blood lipid profile.

Crazy Specials on

We are always looking for all kind of great news, deals on anabolic steroids. Today we got some news that will truly blow your mind!

EuroBolic, On-line anabolic steroids pharmacy is bringing you some really crazy specials!

Check out their latest prices on this products:

  • Dianabol, EuroBolic Dinabol Special, Anabol, Anabol by British Dispensary, Anabol special
    Dianabol 5 mg – Anabol by British Dispensary
  • HGH Somatropin by EuroHormones Special, EuroBolic HGH Special, Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin, EuroHromones
    HGH Somatropin by EuroHormones
  • Sustanon Special, Eurobolic Sustanon Special, Sustanon by Organon
    Sustanon 250 by Organon – 45 ampules
  • Winstrol Depot Special, Eurobolic Winstrol Depot Special, Winstrol Depot by Zambon
    Winstrol Depot by Zambon Spain – 40 ampules is going multi language!

EuroBolic, On-line anabolic steroids pharmacy is now available in 5 different languages!

Available languages are English, German, Spanish, Italian and French!

Here are direct links to different languages!

EuroBolic, On-line anabolic steroids pharmacy in English language!

EuroBolic, Online Anabolika Apotheke auf Deutsche Sprache!

Eurobolic en línea esteroides anabólicos en el idioma español!

EuroBolic, farmacia in linea degli steroidi anabolici in di lingua italiana!

EuroBolic, on-line stéroïdes anabolisants pharmacie langue française!

There are also some products back in stock!

Cytomel T3 – Liothyronine Sodium – by Ibrahim

Anadrol 50mg – Androlic by British Dispensary

Winstrol Depot by Zambon Spain

Proviron by Schering

Asia Dispensary is here!

As you may recall I have written some time ago about Asia Dispensary. Well they have finally arrived! has just started to sell their products.

Asia Dispensary is currently offering these products:

  • Aquaviron – Aquateston by Asia Dispensary
  • Deca Durabolin – Nandrolone Decanoate by Asia Dispensary
  • Dynabolon – Nandrolone Undecanoate by Asia Dispensary
  • Equipoise – Boldenone Undecylenate by Asia Dispensary
  • Masteron – Drostanolone Propionate 100 by Asia Dispensary
  • Primobolan Depot – Methenolone Enanthate by Asia Dispensary
  • Sustanon 300 – Sustan by Asia Dispensary
  • Testosterone Cypionate by Asia Dispensary
  • Testosterone Enanthate by Asia Dispensary
  • Testosterone Propionate by Asia Dispensary
  • Trenbolone Acetate by Asia Dispensary
  • Trenbolone Enanthate by Asia Dispensary
  • Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate by Asia Dispensary
  • Trenbolone Mix – Tritren by Asia Dispensary
  • Winstrol Depot – Stanozolol 50 by Asia Dispensary

You can find the whole range of Asia Dispensary products on
Asia Dispensary, Sustanon 300, Sustan
EuroBolic page.