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GenXXL, goodbye and au revoir

First couple of facts. On December 7th 2010 Authorities in Cyprus, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland and the US have performed a synchronized action in which numerous individuals believed to be responsible for manufacturing, storing and distribution of prohibited substances, including anabolic steroids, growth hormones, and sexual enhancers. A large amount of raw materials were seized in Cyprus where authorities believe the prohibited substances were manufactured and shipped. In Germany, authorities arrested a 32 year old and found a database with info on more than 190 thousand customers and all info on their orders which show the group known as GenXXL had a revenue of more than 12.5 million US Dollars since May 2008 till present.

All this reads like dull description of a simple arrest of yet another drug ring. However, it has caused quite a stir in bodybuilding community.

Let’s face it – many bodybuilders use anabolics. And a lot of them (at least 190.000 of them) are now wondering if they are on the list. And if there is record of their order. And if so, will they be contacted by the authorities? Frankly, I don’t believe GenXXL customers listed in the database will have much trouble. Main goal of such arrests is stopping sale of prohibited substances, and they seem to have managed that (all GenXXL sites are down for days now). Furthermore trial of 190k people in multiple countries would be something unheard of. So at most the authorities would concentrate on individuals who bought large quantities of steroids with obvious intent to sell. Average Joe will probably not even be contacted, though some sort of warning will be issued.

There are off course other reason for panic on the scene. The steroid manufacturing world was small before Dec 7th and it just got much smaller. Let’s face it, GenXXL and all its subsidiaries was a major player in the steroid business (monthly revenue of 600k US certainly shows it as such). So now everybody is wondering who’s next. It’s simple – old and new players will try to fill the void and will whoever gets greedy and sloppy first, will also be the first to draw attention of the authorities.

I have to congratulate the German BKA and authorities of all other involved counties. I doubt it was their intention, but their biggest success is that they have managed to remove the biggest obstacle to free speech on all major boards. So let’s enjoy it until BW comes back with jet another scheme.

Law enforcement in action again

We know that the Police newer sleeps and again the law enforcement in the states and elsewhere has performed numerous steroid related arrests.

In Pennsylvania 10 people were arrested and more people will be arrested as the case develops (click here for video):

They were allegedly selling, and some were even making steroids.

Now ten men and women, several from our area, have been busted for their reported involvement in a drug ring.

State Attorney General Tom Corbett says Operation Roid Runner

started back in 2007 and today, resulted in the arrest of ten people.

Corbett says those ten men and women brought drugs into Pennsylvania from Mexico and China and were distributing them to people from

Cumberland and Dauphin Counties to Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

The accused allegedly used, sold and even made the steroids amounting to almost $200,000. Former husband and wife, stacy and Eric garonzik allegedly injected their clients with the drugs at their gym, Kinectics in Lemoyne, which is now closed. Corbett says the distribution of steroids is becoming more widespread and adds he and his team are going to stay on the operation.

“As many of you know steroids can be addictive and they can have very many negative side effects,” said State Attorney General Tom Corbett. “We need to take these people who distribute this poison off of the streets.”

More arrests are expected in this case. Those already caught are out on bail, their preliminary hearing is scheduled for January.

Another, more frightening action is currently being run by Interpol, called Operation Pangea II. Full press release can be found here.

However, it seems that the real objective of Operation Pangea is not stopping sales of Steroids and is more oriented toward stopping sales of counterfeited drugs. Steroids seem to be involved simply because they are one of the most counterfeited products:

Our primary goal in Operation Pangea II is to protect the public by removing counterfeit and illicit medicines from the market, by shutting down those engaged in illegal sales on the web and by criminally prosecuting those potentially putting the lives of innocent consumers at risk by selling counterfeit or illicit medicines

The widespread rumor has it that operations like this were initially instigated and in some case also con-founded by Pfizer as the most widely drug counterfeited on the market is erectal dysfunction drug Viagra.

It is quite interesting is that the Interpol is actually identifying and closing down internet domains where these items are sold:

During the operation, Internet monitoring revealed 751 websites engaged in illegal activity, including offering controlled or prescription only drugs, 72 of which have now been taken down.

As the investigation/operation is still under way it it will be interesting to observe how many of steroids-dedicated sites will go down in the next moths. And we will also be able to see if the objective is protection of corporate profit (only sites selling fake Viagra will go down) or if the objective is actually public safety (in which case all UGL sites will go down). My bet is on the former.

Buying Steroids Online

I have an extended article about positive and negative sides on purchasing steroids online here. However, I’ve had some new experience in this respect recently – and I thought I would share my thoughts on this.

As many people I’ve grown accustomed to buying stuff on the net – from software and music, computer-hardware, to some really weird items from ebay. The thing is, it grows on you, and once you get used to it you have certain expectations that one reflects on all internet dealings.

As all things in life this has positive and negative consequences though. On one hand I’m more and more trusting towards all internet offerings and in most cases this is a good thing. Years ago I could never imagine trusting some guy on ebay to send me the newest Dell computer for half of retail price. These days it’s only natural. The bad thing is I now expect all internet dealings to be as straightforward as buying a book from Amazon.

The problem these days is I often forget that buying steroids online and having them shipped to US is not really legal (understatement, I know). It became a habitual thing to me. I recently bought some exotic roids from Europe (again) and the shipment was late, 6 days overdue. Naturally I contacted the store and (not using really nice words) demanded to know what was going on. They were nice enough to explain to me when the items were shipped and from where, but that I couldn’t track the shipment because it was not shipped by registered mail. HUH?!

Well, several emails later and I was able to understand everything. With international mail registered packages need to have declaration of contents included. In many countries steroids are legal so one would think no problem, just declare medicine. Well, the customs do read the declaration so those would be checked immediately. A, I was thinking, why not lie? Supposedly, if one lies on the declaration it can be considered a criminal offense. Basically, as I understand, the only way to keep themselves and their customers out of trouble is to simply ship by regular mail.

Finally, the package did arrive. Just delayed a bit.

I got to wonder though, and eventually I did realize that I couldn’t really blame anyone but the country I live in for the problems. I’m not gonna nag about how roids should be legal and all that, but the bottom line is, if you live in a country where a product is illegal, you can’t expect everything to go smoothly every time and sometimes you could have problems.

For example, if you order steroids and they get confiscated, who’s fault is it? Sure, most of us would be angry at the supplier for not shipping carefully enough, but I’ve seen that customs sometimes open packages that could only contain paper. Couple of years back customs would locate and open packages that contained sachets or paper anabolics, which were designed with the sole purpose of passing customs. I really wonder how larger items actually pass customs. I guess if I had a package seized I’d be really angry, but I guess it would be my fault as well, as I’ve paid someone to send those items to me. Unfortunately it’s a take it or leave it situation and one has to be a bit lucky for everything to go smoothly every time.

The bottom line is, I still beleive buying steroids online is the best option for most people (the ones living too far from Mexico anyways). But you do need to keep in mind that ordering steroids to the states is not the same thing as buying your everyday item from Amazon.

Legalization of anabolic steroids – a different view

Ivan Tsikhan, Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Justin Gatlin, Floyd Landis, Barry Bonds… just a few names that were caught doping – Were they guilty of crimes or were they just pushing their bodies to the limit and beyond to show us the possibilities of human body?

In some industries it is practically encouraged to get better results with pharmaceuticals and with help from different doctors. Plastic operation, Botox, Viagra, Collagen injections are just a few examples to enhance the abilities and looks.

If we just look at show business, how many actresses are using Botox to slow their age and how many actors were using HGH to enhance their looks. The look is everything, the make or break of current show business.

It is OK for an actor to visit a surgeon and change whatever needs changing, in fact they are encouraged to do so by their agents, producers, whatever. In porn 99% of actors take Viagra and consider it work tool. Some people object, but generally this is accepted and the law allows it. Yes, this is alright as show business is multi-billion dollar business and these “enhanced” people get to pay more taxes… It doesn’t stop there though, what cannot be changed on the body is later changed on the pictures and most pictures of models these days are digital altered. These are all legal ways to improve the functionality and achievements, nothing is wrong here.

But if the Marion Jones wants to beat the World Record and she is using Erythropoietin (EPO) she is the Devil herself. Wait a minute. Wasn’t she just using all the possibilities she had for that 1/100 of a second, so that she could satisfy our needs for the game itself. The World Record and Gold medals are worth something. First place is the winner, the second isn’t first and the third place is remembered by no one.

Yes, you could say that this is not the sportsmanship, doping is cheating. However, in that case it is not fair that some athletes are training for years using high altitude training, world class nutrition, best coaches and the best equipment they could get their hands on while others were using only old equipment, bad coaches, some were also malnourished. So this cannot be considered sportsman-like either. If we start saying what is OK and what is not, we should really go deeper than just saying doping is bad, everything else is OK. Let’s be frank, most athletes are using some kind of doping, the only difference is they don’t get caught. And the only reason they don’t get caught is because they have more money – more influence on the doping committee (Jonson-Lewis), better coaches who are more aware what can be detected and when, and they have access to better doping substances. BALCO affair should have thought us that. If all should have an equal chance why is Armstrong allowed to use a 100k bike?

Here is an intriguing idea – Why not giving athletes a choice? Yes, you can use doping, but it is your decision only. It is your body, it is your life. Sure would make all the events more interesting… The whole concept of legalized doping would become better for us as we would get new better substances, they would be better researched, and a lot safer athletes would be under constant medical supervision. And of course, no more UG’s.

Arrests, arrests, arrests

It seems the law enforcement is cracking down on Underground steroid and pharmacy producers all over the world. The interesting thing to note is that it seems all these actions are somehow connected. If we follow the news stories it all started in UAE where they found a lot of counterfeit products, than moved to Bulgaria (the country has the record of being the most corrupt European Union state, but it is in EU so no customs to other countries). In Bulgaria they found 3 mil worth of counterfeited pharmaceutical products, steroids, Viagra, etc. including machinery for manufacturing counterfeited products. At that point it was said that they found evidence that the products were destined for western markets. And that was the end of story for Bulgaria.

A week later, and there’s all the news how they arrested dealers in Germany, UK, Israel, South Africa, Canada… It is nowhere specifically noted that any of the busts were connected to Bulgarian bust, but we can speculate. I admit that South Africa and Bulgaria are probably not connected, but Germany could definitely be connected. I have no problems with dealers selling counterfeited drugs being busted but this shows us that police all over the world is getting organized and actually cooperate. Furthermore, they have identified illegally produced underground and counterfeited products as potentially very dangerous. Undoubtedly this is mainly influenced by large pharmaceutical companies as they are loosing money, but general health is the excuse. It could be a coincidence, but…

So how does this concern fellow bodybuilders. At this point, not much. Bulgarian bust took counterfeited Norma and other prods of the market, so it’s good. New people will start making counterfeits though, so no long range change there. However, you should know that ten years ago, steroids were not of much discussion in law enforcement circles, and Polize cooperation between different countries was literally non-existent. This connected busts do change things and will definitely put some extra pressure on the UG’s. So the worst case scenario is higher prices and ultimately less UGs. Probably not a bad thing…

Legitimate use of anabolic Steroids

We’ve all come to this problem – we want to get gear but have no real reason for a doctor to write a prescription. Even if he would, the range would be somewhat limited as doctors tend to only prescribe mild dosages of anabolics when they actually write a prescription. So at home you will have to get gear elsewhere… But still, if by any chance somebody finds the gear with me, what shall I say?

Anabolic Steroids are used in many fields of Medicine, but for an average bodybuilder only two fields are really applicable. Patients with HIV are treated with Anabolic Steroids in order to make up for the weight lost due to the illness. The other field is Testosterone deficiency treatment, for people whose testicles are not producing enough testosterone and additional testosterone needs to be introduced to the body for normal body functioning. Although I know people that have HIV and are actually extremely bulk this excuse will probably not be used very often because of prejudice and the fact that it is very easily established that one has HIV.

Testosterone deficiency on the other hand is quite hard to prove (and disprove) as it test levels are frequently different from patient to patient and some uniform measurements don’t always apply. Basically every doctor will give a different opinion on this issue. So if you are lucky enough to find a doctor that will say you suffer from Testosterone deficiency, you win.

So here is the point of the whole post – how to find such a doctor. Do note that some assumptions from here on are theoretical and actual application will vary from state to state, country to country. This in reality is informative post only. If you actually work it out do let me know.

In the states and most of the “Western” countries you will have some problems with persuading a doctor (the bulkier you are lower the probability) that your test levels are too low and that you NEED anabolic steroids to keep function normally. Even if they do buy it they will probably do other treatments first (basically PCT). So forget these countries.

Here’s good news – if you like to travel you will have no problem finding a “less developed” country where you will be able to find a more willing doctor. The beauty clinics all over the world are offering numerous programs for wight loss, vitalization, rejuvenation, etc. In Thailand for example you can go for an official weight loss treatement supervised by a doctor and they will treat you with – I didn’t really believe this at first – Clenbuterol. You will note that Clenbuterol is used for bronchodilator and officially was never used for Weight loss. in similar way Pregnyl is used for weight loss (again not meant for it), HGH is used for weight loss and rejuvenation, etc. And yes, you have guessed it, you can also get a testosterone deficiency treatment there, voila, prescription for anabolic steroids.

I know what you are thinking, you can get anabolics without prescription in any Thai pharmacy so why bother with a doctor. The problems is many of us have been on these trips and we often want to take home some souvenirs. So we put them in the luggage and hope the customs will not bother to check us. If they do though, we could be in a world of problems. Take the German tourist who entered Florida as an example. I guess he didn’t want to cut his cycle short so he brought it with him. Because he had a vial of deca and an amp of test (No doubt Norma and Galenika ) and some pins he’s faced with five felony charges… Read more here.

So if you visit a doctor the main difference is that you actually get a prescription for whatever souvenirs you wish to take home. And since you are a foreigner you can ask the good Thai doctor to give you some form of diagnosis in English on paper as you would really like to inform your doctor of the “illness” you have. Basically should you have any problems on the border because of the souvenirs you have a lot better standpoint – you have a prescription for the items, and even a diagnosis why you need them. That may not save you completely but is sure to help you a lot if the shit hits the fan.

Secondly, as stated above, testosterone deficiency diagnosis is a vague term. According to

Recent estimates show that approximately 13 million men in the United States experience testosterone deficiency and less than 10% receive treatment for the condition.

Studies have shown that men with obesity, diabetes, or hypertension may be twice as likely to have low testosterone levels.

What this means is you might fall into those 13 million men and since you already have a diagnosis you might be able to persuade your doctor that you actually do have it. This is a far shot (I personally would give it 1/4 chance) but one avenue one could potentially wish to peruse.

So if you are lucky, you might get a lot more from this trip than just a vacation. Word of caution, If you do go to Thailand please make sure and protect yourself so you don’t suddenly fall into the other, HIV positive group of people eligible for anabolic steroids treatment.

As said above, this is theory. Or an idea up for discussion if you wish. If anybody has any feedback, please let me know.

For a start here is some info:

Pattaya International Hospital
Soi 4 , Beach Road, Pattaya City, Cholburi 20260 Thailand

Dr. Sawaddipong Clinic
20/1 Moo 10 Pratumnuk Rd., Near Erawan Hotel, South Pattaya, Thailand

Contact these 2 numbers to make their appointments – +6685 219 0066 , +6684 646 6181

Body of Science back online

I stand corrected.

I wrote the last couple of hours too early yesterday, many new interesting things happened since…

First of all, Llewllyn’s site is back online. According to Ronnie of BOS the attack happened because of Expected negative report in Bill’s new book of a certain UG lab based in Moldova. This is a “official” statement on the subject by a bodyofscience admin RonnyT

Click here

It would seem things will yet heat up and the summer could be interesting.

Another UG busted, beware of the mail

There was yet another bust in Texas yesterday as DEA was notified of suspicious packages addressed to a home in San Antonio. More info and Video on Ksat.

First of all, I’m glad these guys were arrested. Don’t get me wrong, I’m for legalization or at least decriminalization of anabolics in the states as much as any other juicing bodybuilder. However, I really feel sorry for any poor sucker who would buy “High Quality Gear” from these guys. If you watch the whole video (not really long though) you will notice these guys were actually manufacturing their products in the trailer. Having entered couple of trailers parks in my past they were seldom clean and I would think of this as quite a bacteria friendly environment. You will note that the raw materials they were using weren’t really protected and somebody simply wrote the contents on the zip-lock baggies. What if the person who labeled these baggies made a mistake? You will note that on one it said Anabar. Hmmm, the news didn’t say nothing about any drugs or painkillers (Anabar is a trade name for a mild pain-killer, see more here). Or was it supposed to be Anavar? Now if they can’t get the spelling right, how can they ensure the content is right?

I really wonder who of us would willingly want to inject an unknown substance mixed with frying oil, made in a Trailer park!? I see no real loss with this arrest…

There is another more troubling thought though. With all the recent arrests in the past weeks it seems the DEA is on the move so we should all be real careful. Texans especially. Unless the news report is false and DEA lying this arrest happened because they found “A series of suspicious packages” and “The source varies. East coast, west coast.” This would suggest that DEA is checking domestic packages, most probably putting postal workers on alert for any suspicious packages.

I really doubt that DEA is looking for end customers but in the past it has happened that some postal worker would freak, local sheriff would freak thinking “DRUGS” and in the end police could brake down your doors cause you ordered some winny on the net. So if you expect a delivery soon you might want to be somewhat careful. I doubt DEA would bother with a small package but better to be safe than sorry.

Numerous Arrests in the US

We’re now in the steroid high season when every bodybuilder wants to get prepared for the summer (let’s face it, one of the reasons we do it is to look good on the beach). It would seem that the police is aware of this as well as the numerous arrests this week indicate. 66 men in Texas (including firefighters), a guy in Florida, NY cops facing charges, etc. It would seem at this time of year the law wants to make some examples and they go hard on dealers. Or maybe the dealers get sloppy because of demand.

Be as it may, I for one hope that these actions are short-lived and everything will go back to normal. However, I do hope this will bring something good to the comunity. As I’m sure all the substances will be tested for the indictment I for one really hope the test results will be made public so we can see what the quality of the gear average joe buys in the streets is.

I checked out numerous videos and I did find it funny as some of the policemen shown making arrests look like they’re surely juicing themselves. Hypocritical?

UGL wars heating up, innocent dies…

The new book by William Llewllyn about Underground Steroid Labs has not even been published yet and it’s already causing a big stir in the bodybuilding community. Recent post on BOS forums show that mr. Llewllyn has stopped advocating Underground Steroid Labs as they don’t deliver, and more importantly, they lack the quality. The greatest issue at hand is question where do the raw materials used to make the finished products originate from. It is know that most (100% probably) raw materials used by UGL are imported from China; as Chinese companies are not allowed to legally export the raw materials one can only assume they are exported illegally, and here is the biggest problem. Since this activity is illegal, how can one be sure that the products is legitimate?! There’s no honor among thieves as they say and as anybody that has ever cooperated with Chinese will tell you: you better watch your back or they will get the better of you.

The biggest problem with Under Ground Labs is not really the amount or the lack of the active ingredient as we can all live without the gains we’re expecting – OK, you are pissed, but you’ll just  try another manufacturer the next time, you live on… or do you? The problem is that the steroids we buy don’t contain just oil/water and the active substance, but a lot of other chemicals, heavy metals, and other crap that they are not supposed to contain. And if there is a lot of this bonus crap you might get some unwanted “side-effects”.

Unfortunately this is the area where 99.9% of UGLs fail – Their product may contain actual steroid printed on the label but the products also contain a lot of other, unwanted and potentially dangerous substances. As the owners of these UGLs are aware that their products are far from perfect, and they also know that Bill’s books are every bodybuilders bible they got scared. If their product is shown in real light, and people are made aware of the potential dangers of these products, nobody would want to buy them anymore. So their response is really not that unexpected, they are now trying to do the only thing they can to limit the danger – discredit the author of the book so the results would look simply as a bad review bought by the competition. The only problem is, what if all UGLs come out bad? somehow I fear that none of the UGL’s will be shown in a really good light so who would than be the one to have bribed Llewllyn?

Here are only two examples what can happen when using a non-legitimate gear, quite hard-core. The first example is a sepsis forming after a shot of a non-legitimate Winstrol Depo, the end result of which was a sepsis in the size of an Orange and 1 month in bed:

Although it was believed that tablets are generally safer than injectables as liver will destroy the hazardous materials in the tabs, the case below shows that medicine made in an underground laboratory can be lethal:

Woman killed by fake drugs

Some will argue that the lady was not using steroids so this is irrelevant but do remember that a lot of bodybuilders use Alprozalam to calm down during cycles. And you should know that an underground steroid lab is just the same as a counterfeiting lab for any other drug.

So the bottom line is – be very careful what you use – steroids could be lethal.