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New British Dragon rHGH Lab Results

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10 iu British Dragon rHGH was injected IM in the left deltoid. The blood draw was 3 hours and 4 minutes post injection.

British Dragon Growth hormone, serum result was 20.6 ng/mL

As a comparison 10 iu USA pharmacy Tev-Tropin result was 19.7 ng/mL

Obviously the British Dragon is genuine and properly dosed.

I’m very happy with these results and recommend British Dragon rHGH.

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Where is the new British Dragon?

Couple of weeks ago there was a news post on stating that new batches of their products are now ready and being sold. The whole news post was like this:

First line of products

British Dragon is glad to announce that the first line of products has left our facility and the products are available on the market. Do note that all British Dragon products are protected by our BD-PSS system. BD-PSS consists of state of the art hologram and security verification number. All End-customers are advise to verify the legitimacy of their product by verifying the security number on our web-page.

We advise all customers to check the BD-PSS on their product for each and every product. BD-PSS is designed in such a way that it is destroyed if it is tampered with and customers are advised to return any products that show signs of tampering with. Given the amount of counterfeited British Dragon products we must emphasize not to use any British Dragon products that don’t have BD-PSS hologram and number or it is damaged. Using unverifiable products can be lethal!

At that time I was really excited, after all, British Dragon has always had a special spot in my hart as being one of the best manufacturers of it time. Resurrection of a brand with promises of extremely high quality products was really important to me, I guess as much exciting as Bugatti resurrection was important and exciting to car enthusiasts. When I got news they started selling their products I was thrilled. I will never own a Veyron but I’ll sure as hell try to get my hands on some Andropen. OK, I know newer say never and maybe I will some day get my hands on a Veyron, or the new sedan they’ll be putting out. And I know Andropen is now called Sustabol Inject, but the thrill is still there.

But there is this little problem that I’m having these days – It’s been couple of weeks since the news and I can’t find ANY place that would have them on stock. I know there’s places that sell British Dragon, but they’re selling the old version, according to the official British Dragon page counterfeited… All I could find were some sites that have British Dragon listed as coming soon, and just about nothing else. No pictures, no info whatsoever.

There are people claiming they’ve seen em, some are saying that the first batches were sold to exclusive customers, some saying it all went to Dubai, etc. Basically, there’s bunch of unconfirmed rumors and no hard info. I’m being promised a picture soon, and I will be sure to post it as soon as I get, but beyond there is really no info available out there.

I sure do hope the analogy I used above (the Bugatti part) will not become completely true. As Bugatti is reserved for the elite and only seen on TV and in the newspapers, I hope the British Dragon will not be seen only on the internet and used only by the special few who can afford it.

Translation needed

Well, I’m really being proud of myself right now. I thought that only limited number of people are reading this blog and with the workload at my job I grew really lazy writing it. I guess I just got a new kick now ;)

I stopped checking BOS regularly after I was banned twice, so it took me a while noticing, but today I got to see this new Body of Science topic. And basically it’s all about this site and the posts posted here. Awesome.

I though about writing a response on the topic but hey, I’d be banned just the same, so why bother.

The biggest misunderstanding (I could say lie, but everyone can interpret any post his/her own way) is that I’m attacking BOS for some weird reasons, trying to push Asia Pharma products, threatening Bill, attacking honest UGLs, etc. I hope this post will clarify matters. And will probably be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Firs of all, YES, I like Asia Pharma products. I don’t hide it, I’m proud of it. I also like Zambon, Organon, Schering, Norma, etc. The manufacturer doesn’t really matter as long as the products is of good quality. I’ve come by many good products in my time and have learned to appreciate quality. And I’ve tried many bad products that in the end completely ruined my cycle. Either they were not even close enough to potency advertised, or they were completely mislabeled, usually both. I’ve had the luck of never getting a serious infection but know people that did. For all those reasons I don’t like Underground products. I want to be as good as I can be and for me what really matters is the end result which only quality products can give, even if I have to pay more for them. Be all you can be.

I have a sponsor. Who doesn’t? I appreciate the fact that I can get gear for less money or free, and if all it costs me is to have a banner on the site, hell, why not. Now, to make it a conspiracy theory out of it, that’s a bit too much though. I saw numerous posts on the subject of Asia Pharma ownership with numerous suppositions, but I better get it out in the open now. I own Asia Pharma. I also own British Dragon. I bought them from the dividends received from my shares in Schering-Plough. And in case you didn’t know the whole reason we took over Organon was cause we really wanted to have Deca and Susta in our portfolio. And the only reason I’m doing this blog thing is cause I’m bored. Doh.

The funniest part of the whole post is the “lie about registration etc” part. Now I’m a cautious person (I think) but the wealth of info AsiaPharma has provided regarding their products manufacturing is incredible in comparison to other brands. Yet it seems it is never enough. Show this show that. Once they do – “o, you faked it”. If the guy took the time to read the articles on this page, he could at least also post the pharmacy links in the older posts. I’ve been to those and they actually sell Asia Pharm. I guess he only shows info that supports his claims and ignores the rest. Tc tc tc, what would your old teacher say about that?! His summaries all all wrong too, as in many of the articles quoted there is no mention of the AP brand whatsoever, although I do hope there is something educational in all of em. But in the big picture I must be writing all that just to advertise Asia Pharma. I hope I get big bucks out of it. Wait; I already own all the companies.

Here’s a funny one:

Furthermore, you never know where the UGs are made. Well, actually, you can imagine. Remember the last drug related movie you’ve seen (doesn’t really matter which one) – the drug lab you’ve seen in that movie is exactly what an UG lab looks like. Well, probably looks even better, remember, there’s a lot more money in drugs. And that product you inject every day for 3 months. When you’re buying a car you would like to have all the possible Airbags, electronics, and god knows what else just so you would be safe in case you crash. But you might not crash. Actually, probability of a crash is a lot lower than probability of an infection from a product made in a dusty trailer-park that you will inject every day for 3 months.

OK, I know this analogy is a bit off but I hope it gets the message over. You want to be the best and only the best products can get you there.

Buy new overpriced UGL because we asiapharma eurohormones britishdragon tell you that it is HG.
And all other UGLs and HG producers are bad for you.

Now if anyone can bother to read the actual post, he’ll realize that It’s all about using Human Grade gear without any specific brands. How this person sees this article as a bashing of any other GMP human grade steroids is beyond me.

As far as Bill’s bashing is concerned, it’s quite simple. I’m a critic and critics criticize. I’ve written many times I have great respect for his work but there are things that he could do better. And that is exactly as the articles were meant – as Constructive criticism meant to further improve his work. Any person that considers himself to be an educated person knows it for what it is. I know Dextroz went to college so he obviously must have skipped that class – here is a description of constructive criticism by

Constructive criticism is criticism kindly meant that has a goal of improving some area of another’s person’s life or work. Often constructive criticism refers specifically to the critique of someone else’s written or artistic work, in perhaps a teacher/student setting, that would allow that person to further improve the work or to improve their approach to future endeavors. However, constructive criticism can also apply to a critical reasoned analysis of a person’s behavior, as in a patient/therapist setting or a group therapy setting.

I did not, however, write anything without proper argumentation. A wise many would see that my actual articles are meant to improve peoples awareness on the subject at hand and also giving them some food for thought. Only a highly prejudiced person would think an article in which I suggest Bill to tell us more details on the testings as a threat. But in the end that what it’s all about. The whole point of the thread on BOS is blemishing the reputation of anyone who would ever say a good thing about Asia Pharma. Basically, if you like the stuff, you are bad.

But Dextroz is right in one thing, ones writing speaks a lot of the author. Now I look at his posts he’s doing exactly what he’s accusing others of doing. He makes claims that he cannot support in any way but with a “Translation” of posts of other people (me mainly). He attacks everyone indiscriminately without checking their background – most people in attacked in his thread have far more integrity than himself, and attacking such people without substantial evidence is plainly stupid (not me, but S.B.C. for example).

Asiapharma owners and shills milo, barron, s.b.c., dexterj, mrdext, methan, kendall, Dolcedoberman, peanutbutter and the lot we are not interested in what you have to say.

Some of these guys are admittedly spammers, but other are definitely not.

Furthermore he refers to other articles on the internet which are all written in the same style that suggest they are the work of the same group/person. And those same references use evidence like “adjusted” articles by William Llewllyn.

And among all this, writing how disgusting everything is, accusing people of making threats, he goes and threatens the first person who replies to his thread:

Now shut it or someone else will do it for you.

Sherlock, BOS is a forum and people are supposed to make comments, what did you think, you’d just make 500 accounts and have it all to yourself?!

Judging by all this I can’t help but believe this is simply a tactic to make the other guys look bad while you try to sell as much of your own brand. Otherwise, why so much rage, so much hatred, attacking like a small rabid dog? The dog’s got no teeth but barks in the night nevertheless.

Well, I still learned couple of thing from this:
British Dispensary lost the license for Androlic and not Anabol. My bad.
Cause so many people believe British Dragon is associated to Asia Pharma and EuroHormones these days we might get BD HGH? That would be good and sure as hell is worth looking into it.
Forums really are full of s*** these days.

Counterfeits, Scams, UGs, will it ever end?

Sometimes I’m really sad the fat man jumped, and sometimes I’m really happy for it.

Couple of days ago I wrote about a site pretending to be Asia Pharma manufacturer that copied their site and simply added a store to it. In case it wasn’t clear, my point was that if Asia Pharma really intended to sell on the internet they would do it on their original site – or at least provide a link to the store. This way it is pretty obvious that the whole deal is a scam.

Anyways, surprise surprise, British Dragon, The Father and the Mother (probably all the grandparents as well) of Underground steroid manufacturers published the following news couple of days back:

Fraudulent British Dragon Domains

As per our previous news about British Dragon counterfeiters here is another warning. is the only official domain of British Dragon. Any other domain that claims to be an official British Dragon domain, all other domains like www.britishdragon.ext (eg. www britishdragon name , www britishdragon ru) are NOT official British Dragon domains.

For example, www britishdragon eu is a typical fraudulent domain presenting itself as an official British Dragon domain. The products presented and sold on the domain are obviously counterfeited and potentially deadly. An obvious sign of counterfeited product is the fact the products carry our official domain while the products themselves have mistakes printed on the label (for example, 7 year expiration period).

All potential customers interested in purchase of British Dragon products should be warned that British Dragon does not take any responsibility for use of counterfeited products and the counterfeited products are extremely dangerous, potentially deadly. We will posts news of all new British Dragon production batches on as soon as the new batches are approved.

Now, I don’t know what is going on in the heads of these domain-owners (OK, it’s sometin’ like this $.$) but what are buyers thinking? If you do google on British Dragon you’ll find 2.2 mil hits, and every other one is selling BD products, and they all look different. So which one is the right one? Probably the one at the top, dah. They all have one thing in common, if you check the domain on the vials, it will say . Which is hilarious since they’re all sold on different domains, and just about everyone is claiming to be the manufacturer. But these so called manufacturers are working on the success of the old BD, and although the people are aware of BD products, they don’t know they stopped producing years ago. If they knew that one owner is dead and the other one in jail that could make them think. So which BD seller to choose? None – the original is not producing an the other ones are fake. Still unsure? Read this paragraph again.

This situation has its positive aspects though (besides the DON’T BUY BD PRODUCTS commandment). As it is harder and harder for even experienced Bodybuilders to choose which steroid brand to use and double so for a newb, it would be the time to make some form of a standard by which to measure legitimacy of a brand and their products. I do believe that counterfeiting itself is one of the criteria to consider. I think the counterfeiters and/or scammers are the most informed individuals of the quality and sales of products on the market at any given moment. So their actions in turn tell us a lot about quality of the original products. And as we know from general education, Imitation is the Highest From of Flattery. ERGO: If a company is widely counterfeited the original product must be good. If it is not counterfeited, it must be bad. (Btw, is it just me or did I only hear of Axio counterfeits when test of their products give bad results?)

If we look at it on an example of Organon Sustanon (Schering now) – we all know ORIGINAL Sustanon is a product of very good quality. And it is a sad fact it is counterfeited in enormous quantities. Even much so, that although Organon makes gazillion of amps every year you are more likely to find a counterfeited Sustanon than an original.

Unfortunately the endeavor of forming unified standards by which to judge the brands is destined to fail as there is no governing body that would unify in this. It is a sad fact that 99% of forums are setup with the sole intent of pushing the selected products of the forum sponsors, and most debates about different products will be locked, trashed, or erased. Don’t get me wrong, forums are great if you seek information on how to use steroids, but for determining product legitimacy they are very bad.

So what’s the point of this post? Think with your head and use logic when deciding which product to buy. As Doctor S wrote in his blog, don’t mind paying more if the product is really good. In the end, it is still better to pay $10 for Sust that contains 250 mg than to pay $5 for a Sust that contains 50 mg or even nothing at all. And don’t you even consider buying BD from a counterfeited site.

British Dragon advises against buying BD products

When I’m right I’m right!

Just the other day I was writing about how any BD product sold now is bad and fake and now British Dragon literally confirmed my assumption (maybe they read my post?):

We receive countless email inquiries whether the British Dragon Product purchased is a legitimate British Dragon product, with some people even adding pictures of the received product. Everybody should be aware that British Dragon has not manufactured any products in years and at the moment THERE ARE NONE LEGITIMATE British Dragon products available anywhere. New products were not yet made and our best estimate at the moment is September or October.

In regards to old batches please understand that they were made 5 or more years ago, and expiry period of our products is not more than 3 Years. So please understand that ALL products currently offered on the market are 100% counterfeits, regardless of the source.

Using counterfeited medical products is potentially lethal! Counterfeited products are only made with profit in mind, are not produced to any pharmaceutical standard and are usually are full of bacteria and are potentially hazardous. Majority of Counterfeieted products are made in China and are than either smuggled out of the country. Counterfeiters are abusing the good reputation of British Dragon to sell their low-quality products and in the end tarnish the British Dragon reputation.

More info on British Dragon website.

Life Threatening Counterfeit Products 2 – Bacteria…

As Anabolex admins locked the thread on this issue I’m unable to comment there so here are some additional thoughts on the issue.

I’m not a pharmacist so I don’t know much on production of medicine (Human grade GMP or UG) but I think I can speculate on the bacteria issue on basic logic grounds. As I’m a computer geek (haaa, no wonder, blogger…) I know a thing or two about comps. So here’s an interesting analogy. Those who are computer-illiterate may now stop reading.

I had technical difficulty the other day with my comp – my Hard Disk unexpectedly died on me. As I head some really important work data on it I was looking for a solution on retrieving the data and eventually found a small lab that specialized in data retrieval from damaged Hard Disks. Not many of you know but if you have a prob with a HDD, never ever open it hoping you will fix it – you will destroy it completely! The reason is the device is so delicate that if you open it small particles in the air, or dead cells from your skin will lay on the HDD platter and basically destroy it. I talked to the guys in the data retrieval lab and they said that they use pharmaceutical grade clean room equipment so they can open the Hard Drive without damaging it, and the procedures are basically the same as in a Pharmaceutical factory. they went on saying the clean room cost alone (500 square feet) was $180k.

Here is the common logic – if your room and the particles on your hands can kill a relatively rough device like a HDD I can only imagine what can get in the oils that we in the end inject in our bodies, and especially what these particles will do. And the thought of what ends up in the oils in the UG labs that have no clean room equipment is absolutely horrific. I can only wish they at least wear gloves when they brew the products.

Counterfeit British Dragon products death threatening!?

Stories like the one published by a user on Anabolex Forums happen more often than one would think, but most bodybuilders don’t want to make their own experience public.

I almost died from this.
This is no joke I am not making this up!
So here is what happened to me:

I just got out of the hospital and I was in there for 3 weeks with a bacterial infection called MRSA. It was in my bloodstream, and there was an abess by 2 of my injection sites filled with puss that had the MRSA bacteria in it.
I was told I could have dies becuase the MRSA was in my bloodstream.
The docs are almost sure it has something to do with the gear I was on.
I was taking the BD crap that is going around now and nothing else but that.
It could have been just one bottle that caused it, and possibly I got it some other way.
I lost 40 lbs in 3 weeks while in there.
But I had 3 other friends that just happened to get similar injfections, and they all had forms of staff! One guy had a flesh eating bacteria at an injection site and the other 2 had to be hospitalized !
The last batch I got of tren hexy and andropen seemed very weak too especially the tren. The price is great on the stuf and there is a reason why it is so cheap!
Stay away from that BD coming from china!

Bacterial infections and Abscess are actually relatively widespread problems that every bodybuilder should know about – many are aware of it but tend to ignore “it thinking it will not happen to me”. There’s a lot of people that have actually experienced this, but don’t want to discuss it publicly for various reasons; they don’t want to admit that they are using Anabolic Steroids or they don’t wish to look stupid in the eyes of bodybuilding friends (only the dumb ones that don’t know how to inject properly get infections – NOT TRUE).

Those people that do tell of their problems have one fact in common – almost exclusively the gear they use when they have problems is made by Underground Laboratories without a proper license and/or proper manufacturing facilities. Although user posting later on adds

The doctors say there is a very good chance I had the bacteria on my skin and then when I injected it introduced the bacteria into my bloodstream.

one has to wonder whether the doctors opinion is given knowing all the facts (did the doc know he was injecting UG gear? If doc assumed he used HG gear he must also assume no bacteria in the product, so it had to come from elsewhere).

I still believe the main problem is the use of improper gear rather anything else. I really have to wonder at people still buying British Dragon gear when it is obvious that it is not legit (British Dragon states on their page they were not manufacturing for years now). So whatever BD gear is on the market now is counterfeit. And counterfeit means the lowest quality possible (god knows what is in there). The counterfeiter doesn’t care what product he sells because whatever happens it’s BD’s fault. I’m not an UG fan but I would prefer any other UG brand over BD at this moment for the only reason that every company that sells under their own brand at least tries to keep the good name. Counterfeiters don’t give a damn.

So the conclusion is, don’t buy BD as it is counterfeit = bunk, and all you will get is problems. And whatever gear you use, be careful where injecting. We have an army injecting manual here that should be of help (as one of our members observed, they are not perfect either, wear rubber gloves!)

British Dragon postponed realease date

British Dragon Pharmaceuticals published news today that they would release their first batch of products in September-October 2009. They claim the delay is due to unreliable raw material supply, but one really has to wonder whether there is more to the story. This is mere speculation but it is interesting to see this news at the same time that there is serious discussion on many forums about UGLs and general opinion that the biggest problem Undergrounds face is the fact that they cannot obtain good raw materials. I do wonder if this delay has anything to do with a certain book coming out very soon *caugh* Bill *caugh*. Darn, BD will just miss the deadline for sending samples for tests… On the other hand they don’t seem to be answering any emails on how to get their gear and they just published they would launch their proprietary products in 2011. So will they go Legit or not? Guess time will tell.

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