William Llewellyn is confued (or confusig)

The other day I saw this video of a speech given by William Llewellyn at a satellite meeting of the National Drug Conference held in Cardiff, Wales April 2012. In the Video Llewellyn gives a brief history of the sale, distribution and use of anabolic steroids in sport. The video in itself is quite informative, and some good points are made, anyone interested in Anabolic Steroids should give it a look:

Now this video is swell and I agree with most things said by Llewellyn (especially the part about using safe gear), however, there is this little detail in there which was nagging at me for the last couple of days and I have to point it out – Llewellyn is, deliberately or by mistake, giving us, the audience, mixed opinion on one specific company. I have written some positive articles/posts about Asia Pharma, am really impressed with their gear, and I don’t hide it. Then again I am nobody in the steroid world.

On the other hand William Llewellyn is quite known in the steroid world and his opinion matters. A lot of people actually use his books as some kind of guide to which gear is good and which is not. If he endorses a brand people will buy it, if he says its crap, they wont. So I would really like to know his position on AsiaPharma Pharmaceuticals.

If you watch the Llewellyn peach, you will note that in the first part of the video, where he talks about Legitimate Pharmaceutical Production he is actually using Asia Pharma production pictures. You can find the pics on their webpage or see them in their manufacturing video:

So you would think, Llewellyn thinks AsiaPharma is Good to go, right? amm, no;

As you watch through the video, Llewellyn will start talking about UG labs, how they make products and eventually will show a picture of bunched up products and name couple of companies in the picture which he believes are underground labs. But note, on this picture, AsiaPharma products are shown. He doesn’t name AsiaPharma as an underground lab, but he lets the viewer believe it is UG non the less. Here is a picture (shown at 12:52 in the video):

I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion on any matter of their choosing. As Llewellyn gives us an opinion on Geneza, Axio, Syntrop, Diamond, DutchLab, EuroChem, one would expect he would have no problem giving us his opinion on AsiaPharma as well. So William, in your opinion, is AsiaPharma a legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturer? Are their products safe (unlike the companies you specifically named in your video)?

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