Anabolics – The beginning of end?

The buzz of the week is – IP was arrested. The real IP, the original IP, the MAN. Well, we at least we now know who the man is. IP AKA International Pharmaceuticals is, or shall we say was, one of the most notorious sources of Anabolic Steroids to Bodybuilders and the increasing number of recreational Steroids (ab)users. Especially well known in German speaking countries of Central Europe IP was in business for more than 20 year, in which time he was supplying Anabolic Steroids worldwide. Whatever your personal experience or opinion of IP, the fact is yet another major player in steroid community was arrested. After the the Axxio bust it will greatly affect the scene (basic economic principle says more competition means better quality and lower prices; in UG AS scene it generally just means lower prices…). You can read more about IP bust on SBCs blog found by clicking this text.

Now while you are checking SBC’s blog, you might as well check the main blog when all articles are listed (lazy click here) – and take a look at recent posts. At the time of this writing (Feb 4th) 8 out of 10 posts are about steroid related busts, one is about a steroid dealers being shot, and one is actually about positive affects of hormones. Check earlier posts and you will note that it is the same – arrests and busts all over. This is NOT criticism of SBC in any way, I’m just using SoreButtCheeks blog as it is a good reference to see what is happening in the AS world. If you check the boards bust is the main topic as well (beside the usual advertising BS).

Even news from China, the AS kingdom, is bad. Unconfirmed rumors have it that Chinese authorities have arrested seven individuals responsible for unauthorized manufacture of Human Growth Hormone. Supposedly legitimate Chinese manufacturers were sick of their illegitimate competition and reported them to the authorities. It is said that this accounts for ALL manufacture of proper but unlicensed HGH from china and the prices are about to go sky-high while the quality will go down. Unresponsiveness of some major sellers gives credence to these rumors. Even worse, steroid raw material suppliers in China may have also been compromised. So expect prices of UGs to go up as well, and quality will deteriorate even further.

The first thought that comes to (my) mind is Total Criminalization of Anabolics all over the world. Let’s face it – the people arrested so far were small time adventurers who wanted to make some money, no real harm done. Even when there were “teritory” disputes it all accumulated to harsh words (on anonymous boards) and really THE WORST action one could take was a series of DDOS attacks. Child’s play in comparison to what is coming.

I don’t know why, but Anabolics are now very high on LE agenda. I don’t follow drug related news so closely but in my mind it seems that there are now more steroid-related busts than there are drugrelated busts. Considering in most countries Steroids are scheduled way lower than drugs, this is weird to say the least. Usually things go both ways and as LE is treating Steroid handlers more and more like common drug dealers, the more Steroid dealers will start becoming like drug dealers.

One would think that authorities would learn from history, but no… Prohibition is a good example of how criminalization of a substance has more negative effects than positive ones (not that there are many positive ones) and I fear prosecution of steroids will only worsen the situation. Quality will go down even more as UGs will move to even dirtier locations, there will be more health related risks due to poor quality and even Steroid-(or rather infection)-related deaths will be more common. Worse of all, prices and profits consequently will increase to the point when organized crime will really take over – which will bring turf related fights and killings. I might be exaggerating a bit, than again, remember that ONE blog post about steroid-related shooting? World as we know it is changing.

What I really wonder is what have Steroids done to deserve this? Anyone who knows the subject can explain that there really are no negative aspects to steroids. They do change ones life, but it is for the better. Conspiracy theorist say that CIA controls most drug trafficking in the world and most of the drugs arrests are simply getting rid of the competition. So is there some conspiracy related to steroids? The answer is fear!

I believe that the Government is afraid of BBB (Big Bad Bodybuilder). As Arnold and co have shown us, there is nothing that BBB can’t do. One might have even become president if it wasn’t for a small Constitutional matter of the place of birth. That got the Government afraid! People look up to BBB as a natural leader, BBB gets primal supremacy and respect, people want to be BBB, there are more and more BBB; and in case the crisis gets worse and people rebel (akhm, Egypt like), who better to lead than the BBB?! Solution? No steroids, no BBB!

Obviously I’m no conspiracy theorists and I hope my pathetic attempt to raise your spirits at least brought a smile – the rest is unfortunately all too real.

PS: In case you are still unconvinced of what I’m writing about checkout the cool HBO series Boardwalk Empire – Transformation from petty booze-running business to hardcore criminal organization in 10 hours…

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