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GenXXL, goodbye and au revoir

First couple of facts. On December 7th 2010 Authorities in Cyprus, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland and the US have performed a synchronized action in which numerous individuals believed to be responsible for manufacturing, storing and distribution of prohibited substances, including anabolic steroids, growth hormones, and sexual enhancers. A large amount of raw materials were seized in Cyprus where authorities believe the prohibited substances were manufactured and shipped. In Germany, authorities arrested a 32 year old and found a database with info on more than 190 thousand customers and all info on their orders which show the group known as GenXXL had a revenue of more than 12.5 million US Dollars since May 2008 till present.

All this reads like dull description of a simple arrest of yet another drug ring. However, it has caused quite a stir in bodybuilding community.

Let’s face it – many bodybuilders use anabolics. And a lot of them (at least 190.000 of them) are now wondering if they are on the list. And if there is record of their order. And if so, will they be contacted by the authorities? Frankly, I don’t believe GenXXL customers listed in the database will have much trouble. Main goal of such arrests is stopping sale of prohibited substances, and they seem to have managed that (all GenXXL sites are down for days now). Furthermore trial of 190k people in multiple countries would be something unheard of. So at most the authorities would concentrate on individuals who bought large quantities of steroids with obvious intent to sell. Average Joe will probably not even be contacted, though some sort of warning will be issued.

There are off course other reason for panic on the scene. The steroid manufacturing world was small before Dec 7th and it just got much smaller. Let’s face it, GenXXL and all its subsidiaries was a major player in the steroid business (monthly revenue of 600k US certainly shows it as such). So now everybody is wondering who’s next. It’s simple – old and new players will try to fill the void and will whoever gets greedy and sloppy first, will also be the first to draw attention of the authorities.

I have to congratulate the German BKA and authorities of all other involved counties. I doubt it was their intention, but their biggest success is that they have managed to remove the biggest obstacle to free speech on all major boards. So let’s enjoy it until BW comes back with jet another scheme.