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Where is the new British Dragon?

Couple of weeks ago there was a news post on stating that new batches of their products are now ready and being sold. The whole news post was like this:

First line of products

British Dragon is glad to announce that the first line of products has left our facility and the products are available on the market. Do note that all British Dragon products are protected by our BD-PSS system. BD-PSS consists of state of the art hologram and security verification number. All End-customers are advise to verify the legitimacy of their product by verifying the security number on our web-page.

We advise all customers to check the BD-PSS on their product for each and every product. BD-PSS is designed in such a way that it is destroyed if it is tampered with and customers are advised to return any products that show signs of tampering with. Given the amount of counterfeited British Dragon products we must emphasize not to use any British Dragon products that don’t have BD-PSS hologram and number or it is damaged. Using unverifiable products can be lethal!

At that time I was really excited, after all, British Dragon has always had a special spot in my hart as being one of the best manufacturers of it time. Resurrection of a brand with promises of extremely high quality products was really important to me, I guess as much exciting as Bugatti resurrection was important and exciting to car enthusiasts. When I got news they started selling their products I was thrilled. I will never own a Veyron but I’ll sure as hell try to get my hands on some Andropen. OK, I know newer say never and maybe I will some day get my hands on a Veyron, or the new sedan they’ll be putting out. And I know Andropen is now called Sustabol Inject, but the thrill is still there.

But there is this little problem that I’m having these days – It’s been couple of weeks since the news and I can’t find ANY place that would have them on stock. I know there’s places that sell British Dragon, but they’re selling the old version, according to the official British Dragon page counterfeited… All I could find were some sites that have British Dragon listed as coming soon, and just about nothing else. No pictures, no info whatsoever.

There are people claiming they’ve seen em, some are saying that the first batches were sold to exclusive customers, some saying it all went to Dubai, etc. Basically, there’s bunch of unconfirmed rumors and no hard info. I’m being promised a picture soon, and I will be sure to post it as soon as I get, but beyond there is really no info available out there.

I sure do hope the analogy I used above (the Bugatti part) will not become completely true. As Bugatti is reserved for the elite and only seen on TV and in the newspapers, I hope the British Dragon will not be seen only on the internet and used only by the special few who can afford it.