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Law enforcement in action again

We know that the Police newer sleeps and again the law enforcement in the states and elsewhere has performed numerous steroid related arrests.

In Pennsylvania 10 people were arrested and more people will be arrested as the case develops (click here for video):

They were allegedly selling, and some were even making steroids.

Now ten men and women, several from our area, have been busted for their reported involvement in a drug ring.

State Attorney General Tom Corbett says Operation Roid Runner

started back in 2007 and today, resulted in the arrest of ten people.

Corbett says those ten men and women brought drugs into Pennsylvania from Mexico and China and were distributing them to people from

Cumberland and Dauphin Counties to Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

The accused allegedly used, sold and even made the steroids amounting to almost $200,000. Former husband and wife, stacy and Eric garonzik allegedly injected their clients with the drugs at their gym, Kinectics in Lemoyne, which is now closed. Corbett says the distribution of steroids is becoming more widespread and adds he and his team are going to stay on the operation.

“As many of you know steroids can be addictive and they can have very many negative side effects,” said State Attorney General Tom Corbett. “We need to take these people who distribute this poison off of the streets.”

More arrests are expected in this case. Those already caught are out on bail, their preliminary hearing is scheduled for January.

Another, more frightening action is currently being run by Interpol, called Operation Pangea II. Full press release can be found here.

However, it seems that the real objective of Operation Pangea is not stopping sales of Steroids and is more oriented toward stopping sales of counterfeited drugs. Steroids seem to be involved simply because they are one of the most counterfeited products:

Our primary goal in Operation Pangea II is to protect the public by removing counterfeit and illicit medicines from the market, by shutting down those engaged in illegal sales on the web and by criminally prosecuting those potentially putting the lives of innocent consumers at risk by selling counterfeit or illicit medicines

The widespread rumor has it that operations like this were initially instigated and in some case also con-founded by Pfizer as the most widely drug counterfeited on the market is erectal dysfunction drug Viagra.

It is quite interesting is that the Interpol is actually identifying and closing down internet domains where these items are sold:

During the operation, Internet monitoring revealed 751 websites engaged in illegal activity, including offering controlled or prescription only drugs, 72 of which have now been taken down.

As the investigation/operation is still under way it it will be interesting to observe how many of steroids-dedicated sites will go down in the next moths. And we will also be able to see if the objective is protection of corporate profit (only sites selling fake Viagra will go down) or if the objective is actually public safety (in which case all UGL sites will go down). My bet is on the former.

Translation needed

Well, I’m really being proud of myself right now. I thought that only limited number of people are reading this blog and with the workload at my job I grew really lazy writing it. I guess I just got a new kick now ;)

I stopped checking BOS regularly after I was banned twice, so it took me a while noticing, but today I got to see this new Body of Science topic. And basically it’s all about this site and the posts posted here. Awesome.

I though about writing a response on the topic but hey, I’d be banned just the same, so why bother.

The biggest misunderstanding (I could say lie, but everyone can interpret any post his/her own way) is that I’m attacking BOS for some weird reasons, trying to push Asia Pharma products, threatening Bill, attacking honest UGLs, etc. I hope this post will clarify matters. And will probably be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Firs of all, YES, I like Asia Pharma products. I don’t hide it, I’m proud of it. I also like Zambon, Organon, Schering, Norma, etc. The manufacturer doesn’t really matter as long as the products is of good quality. I’ve come by many good products in my time and have learned to appreciate quality. And I’ve tried many bad products that in the end completely ruined my cycle. Either they were not even close enough to potency advertised, or they were completely mislabeled, usually both. I’ve had the luck of never getting a serious infection but know people that did. For all those reasons I don’t like Underground products. I want to be as good as I can be and for me what really matters is the end result which only quality products can give, even if I have to pay more for them. Be all you can be.

I have a sponsor. Who doesn’t? I appreciate the fact that I can get gear for less money or free, and if all it costs me is to have a banner on the site, hell, why not. Now, to make it a conspiracy theory out of it, that’s a bit too much though. I saw numerous posts on the subject of Asia Pharma ownership with numerous suppositions, but I better get it out in the open now. I own Asia Pharma. I also own British Dragon. I bought them from the dividends received from my shares in Schering-Plough. And in case you didn’t know the whole reason we took over Organon was cause we really wanted to have Deca and Susta in our portfolio. And the only reason I’m doing this blog thing is cause I’m bored. Doh.

The funniest part of the whole post is the “lie about registration etc” part. Now I’m a cautious person (I think) but the wealth of info AsiaPharma has provided regarding their products manufacturing is incredible in comparison to other brands. Yet it seems it is never enough. Show this show that. Once they do – “o, you faked it”. If the guy took the time to read the articles on this page, he could at least also post the pharmacy links in the older posts. I’ve been to those and they actually sell Asia Pharm. I guess he only shows info that supports his claims and ignores the rest. Tc tc tc, what would your old teacher say about that?! His summaries all all wrong too, as in many of the articles quoted there is no mention of the AP brand whatsoever, although I do hope there is something educational in all of em. But in the big picture I must be writing all that just to advertise Asia Pharma. I hope I get big bucks out of it. Wait; I already own all the companies.

Here’s a funny one:

Furthermore, you never know where the UGs are made. Well, actually, you can imagine. Remember the last drug related movie you’ve seen (doesn’t really matter which one) – the drug lab you’ve seen in that movie is exactly what an UG lab looks like. Well, probably looks even better, remember, there’s a lot more money in drugs. And that product you inject every day for 3 months. When you’re buying a car you would like to have all the possible Airbags, electronics, and god knows what else just so you would be safe in case you crash. But you might not crash. Actually, probability of a crash is a lot lower than probability of an infection from a product made in a dusty trailer-park that you will inject every day for 3 months.

OK, I know this analogy is a bit off but I hope it gets the message over. You want to be the best and only the best products can get you there.

Buy new overpriced UGL because we asiapharma eurohormones britishdragon tell you that it is HG.
And all other UGLs and HG producers are bad for you.

Now if anyone can bother to read the actual post, he’ll realize that It’s all about using Human Grade gear without any specific brands. How this person sees this article as a bashing of any other GMP human grade steroids is beyond me.

As far as Bill’s bashing is concerned, it’s quite simple. I’m a critic and critics criticize. I’ve written many times I have great respect for his work but there are things that he could do better. And that is exactly as the articles were meant – as Constructive criticism meant to further improve his work. Any person that considers himself to be an educated person knows it for what it is. I know Dextroz went to college so he obviously must have skipped that class – here is a description of constructive criticism by

Constructive criticism is criticism kindly meant that has a goal of improving some area of another’s person’s life or work. Often constructive criticism refers specifically to the critique of someone else’s written or artistic work, in perhaps a teacher/student setting, that would allow that person to further improve the work or to improve their approach to future endeavors. However, constructive criticism can also apply to a critical reasoned analysis of a person’s behavior, as in a patient/therapist setting or a group therapy setting.

I did not, however, write anything without proper argumentation. A wise many would see that my actual articles are meant to improve peoples awareness on the subject at hand and also giving them some food for thought. Only a highly prejudiced person would think an article in which I suggest Bill to tell us more details on the testings as a threat. But in the end that what it’s all about. The whole point of the thread on BOS is blemishing the reputation of anyone who would ever say a good thing about Asia Pharma. Basically, if you like the stuff, you are bad.

But Dextroz is right in one thing, ones writing speaks a lot of the author. Now I look at his posts he’s doing exactly what he’s accusing others of doing. He makes claims that he cannot support in any way but with a “Translation” of posts of other people (me mainly). He attacks everyone indiscriminately without checking their background – most people in attacked in his thread have far more integrity than himself, and attacking such people without substantial evidence is plainly stupid (not me, but S.B.C. for example).

Asiapharma owners and shills milo, barron, s.b.c., dexterj, mrdext, methan, kendall, Dolcedoberman, peanutbutter and the lot we are not interested in what you have to say.

Some of these guys are admittedly spammers, but other are definitely not.

Furthermore he refers to other articles on the internet which are all written in the same style that suggest they are the work of the same group/person. And those same references use evidence like “adjusted” articles by William Llewllyn.

And among all this, writing how disgusting everything is, accusing people of making threats, he goes and threatens the first person who replies to his thread:

Now shut it or someone else will do it for you.

Sherlock, BOS is a forum and people are supposed to make comments, what did you think, you’d just make 500 accounts and have it all to yourself?!

Judging by all this I can’t help but believe this is simply a tactic to make the other guys look bad while you try to sell as much of your own brand. Otherwise, why so much rage, so much hatred, attacking like a small rabid dog? The dog’s got no teeth but barks in the night nevertheless.

Well, I still learned couple of thing from this:
British Dispensary lost the license for Androlic and not Anabol. My bad.
Cause so many people believe British Dragon is associated to Asia Pharma and EuroHormones these days we might get BD HGH? That would be good and sure as hell is worth looking into it.
Forums really are full of s*** these days.