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British Dispensary lost Anabol license

The roumors have been floating around for some time about British Dispensary, one of the most dianabol makers in the world, loosing their license to produce their brand name dianabol called Anabol.

All of us have come to appreciate the pink tabs that became synonymous with Dianabol as a good product for a reasonable price. This may come to an end now though.

As British Dispensary was well accepted on the steroid market so did they become a problem to the DEA and other law enforcement agencies around the world. Although British Dispensary did not violate any laws directly their products were mainly sold outside of Thailand where they are registered and illegally exported worldwide. It is estimated that as much as 80% of their production was exported directly by the British Dispensary to various trading companies world-wide, and of those 20% that were sold in Thailand great majority was also exported to other countries.

Couple of months ago rumors emerged that British Dispensary lost their license to produce Anabol in Thailand. These rumors stipulated that different reasons for their loss of license but I was told by a very reliable source that the main reason their license was revoked was because the US authorities used their influence with Thai government and pressured them into suspending their license. At the moment it seems that British Dispensary will not be able to apply for a new license nor it is clear what will happen with other Dispensary anabolic steroids products (at the moment they still produce Azolol and Androlic). Another problem are tensions between the owners of British Dispensary – the company is family owned and one portion of the family wishes to cease production completely while the other portion would like to continue production…

It is said that Dispensary still has large stocks of Anabol on stock (they cannot produce new batches but they can still sell old batches) and they are still available on the market. However, I fear that soon we will be faced with the same problem as with most other brands – there will still be demand for Anabol and as Dispensary will not produce it anymore the counterfeiters will fill the void. In the end this will turn out to be another stupid interjection by US government that will force users to change a quality product for dangerous counterfeited or underground products.