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Asia Pharma Video on YouTube

Asia Pharma has published their production video (published on Asia Pharma website as well) on YouTube. It is of a bit better quality that the one on their site and most important of all you can watch it full screen.

I hope all larger Steroid manufacturers would give us insight into their manufacturing process this way, It would be a lot easier to distinguish between the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Why pay more for Human Grade anabolics?

We’ve had an interesting discussion with my buddies in the gym the other day and the topic of the day was UG or HG.

I know this is on many people’s minds these days and the main question people ask themselves is:

Why would I pay USD 120.00 for 10 ml of Sust if I can get it from a buddy for 40?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not that simple and many people don’t realize they’re being cheap with their lives. In a way, buying steroids is like buying a car. Sure, you can get a cheap Chevy, but if you pay more you can get a Mercedes. Almost everyone knows the difference and most people, If they had this option, would opt for the Merc. Why? Leaving all the subjective reasons like looks aside it is a fact that Merc is a better car, especially when safety is concerned. In this sense, Human Grade steroids are the same – they are way safer!

Sure, 60 bucks difference is huge. But, just like with a car, you get way more. Usually UG prods are under-dosed or don’t even contain the substance you want to get. With human grade prods you will always know that you are getting exactly what you pay for, in the declared dose. Just like you know the Merc is a lot faster than the Chevy.

Furthermore, you never know where the UGs are made. Well, actually, you can imagine. Remember the last drug related movie you’ve seen (doesn’t really matter which one) – the drug lab you’ve seen in that movie is exactly what an UG lab looks like. Well, probably looks even better, remember, there’s a lot more money in drugs. And that product you inject every day for 3 months. When you’re buying a car you would like to have all the possible Airbags, electronics, and god knows what else just so you would be safe in case you crash. But you might not crash. Actually, probability of a crash is a lot lower than probability of an infection from a product made in a dusty trailer-park that you will inject every day for 3 months.

Ok, I know this analogy is a bit off but I hope it gets the message over. You want to be the best and only the best products can get you there.

Body of Science just another censored forum?

This is another one of those long posts so here’s a very brief summary.

Most Forums out there are corrupt and controlled by the sponsors. If posts on a sponsored forum are not in line with sponsors guidelines they will be deleted and you will be banned. And even on very reputable and independent boards like BOS you can be banned for no reason whatsoever. So whatever you read on a forum (especially about steroids brands) should be considered as advertising and NOT as an OBJECTIVE opinion.

Since I started to using internet I am aware that Internet is a curious place where the domain owner dictates the contents of the page. When the first forums started this got a bit complicated – in order to attract people to create content admins had to allow the users some freedom writing content, but had to limit them in the extent to which the debates or information provided would be allowed to be published. At that point it was decided by most Forum admins that in order for a Forum to be credible, ground rules would be set, and as long as those rules are obeyed, a user would be allowed to post her or his thoughts and info.

In bodybuilding things are about the same. Well, almost. It’s no secret that wast majority of Bodybuilding Forums these days has a “sponsor” which pays the bills, but at the same time the content is edited to the extent that information on potentially competitive products to the sponsor are not allowed to be published, or the info about them can only be bad. The forums where this is not so are scarce and their numbers are getting lower…

The problem is that there’s a lot of money in bodybuilding and most admins and mods at one point or another get tempted to make some easy money or receive free gear. “Manufacturers” on the other hand try to take every advantage/marketing they can get. Furthermore, as they sell crappy prods bought mods are the best, simply bann people that complain and everyone is happy. Well, except for the majority of users.

I have had great respect for William Llewllyn for a long time now. His books on Anabolic Steroids are legendary, and with the revenue they make one would expect that the bodyofscience forum would be completely independent (not dependent on UG contributions) and an example of integrity among bodybuildig forums. I’ve followed the discussions for a long time now and although there were certain discrepancies (Alin advetising…) in general you could generally discuss and diss every company out there. Not many places you can do that.

I know administrating a forum is not an easy task. One of the reasons there is no forum on Premium Steroids is the fact I don’t feel competent to handle and moderate all the discussions. You could say that I am a perfect example of a critic but many of the mods out there could use a lot more self-criticism than me… As said above, the admin needs to be very careful if the forums integrity is to remain high. as long as forum has a small, limited amount of members, it’s easy to moderate it; but once the reputation and integrity rise, the influx of new members requires additional mods, and you never know how they are at their work. On elitefitness there’s a mod that will offer you his services for a moderate fee (in gear) if you only spamm hard enough on the forum. C’est la vie

To make mistakes is human and how you rectify the mistakes you’ve made really matters, someone said long time ago. I make mistakes all the time and I don’t expect other not to make them, and I do believe (or hope) that most people will try to correct their errors if able. And here is where my gripe with the Body of Science begins.

I’ve been quite inactive in the past years so in spring I created a new account on Body Of Science. I usually read more than I write and only comment when I feel I can add to the the debate, so my posts count wasn’t as high. In August I had my vacation and as a rule avoided the computer as much as possible. So imagine my surprise when I logged into my account and was gratified with the following sign:

vBulletin Message
You have been banned for the following reason:
mrdext, dexterj, Deus Ignotus… ignorance IS bliss… peace out

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

I need to explain here, Deus Ignotus was my username (means god of idiots btw), mrdext is another member on the forum, and “ignorance is a bliss” was my sig (whoever wrote this did capitalize the IS part) the rest is beyond me. I don’t think I’ve violated the terms of BOS (I’ve actually read it) and you can check by yourself whether the Deus Ignotus posts were against the BOS rules.

As I didn’t have a clue what is going on (still don’t btw) I thought it was some kind of an error, so using a new user account I opened a thread explaining the above (albeit not in so much detail) and asking for an explanation. I’d post a link to the topic, but it was deleted and I was banned in less than 12 hours. This is the message I got when trying to login with a new user name:

vBulletin Message
You have been banned for the following reason:
You are a dumbass and will continue to be banned. You know why you are banned. Don’t act like you’re innocent.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never


At this point you’re probably thinking “he must be hiding something” but that’s the worst part, you can check my posts, I didn’t write any PMs, nada. If I did something wrong I’m not aware of it but would like to know it. Interestingly, btw, I do believe that calling names is against BOS rules. As Mod is always right I must be a dumbass, especially so cause I still don’t know why I’ve been banned. Thinking back, I must be able to see the future as I’ve picked such an appropriate nick for the forum.

I’ve heard of many instances when a member would be banned from this or that forum for whatever reason but until now I was unable to relate to it. Now it feels pretty dumb (there is something about these mods). And I can’t help thinking how many poor sods get banned every day for no apparent reason what so ever.

The purpose of this narrative is not to spill hate on Body of Science forum (well, maybe just a tiny little bit) and i will definitely continue to follow the threads there. After all, it is the only place where you can keep up to date on all the new UGL brands surfacing every day. But do consider this whenever you read a post on ANY forum; it is an example of censure and editing at work. If I got banned for no apparent reason imagine what would happen to a post of a Whistle Blower informing you of a contamination of the forums sponsor’s brand. Be aware that on a Forum you may never get a full story, and some perspectives can always be deleted. Use your head.

MESO here I go

Asia Pharma Happy Builder

I’ve had some really good experience with Asia Pharma products for more than 6 months since I’ve first used them. But I’m camera shy so no pics of me.

One of our readers has no qualms about taking pictures and he has has sent us a picture of him and the effect the Asia Pharma products have produced, according to him Trenabolic is by far superior product he has ever used. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Happy builder Asia Pharma!

Buying Steroids Online

I have an extended article about positive and negative sides on purchasing steroids online here. However, I’ve had some new experience in this respect recently – and I thought I would share my thoughts on this.

As many people I’ve grown accustomed to buying stuff on the net – from software and music, computer-hardware, to some really weird items from ebay. The thing is, it grows on you, and once you get used to it you have certain expectations that one reflects on all internet dealings.

As all things in life this has positive and negative consequences though. On one hand I’m more and more trusting towards all internet offerings and in most cases this is a good thing. Years ago I could never imagine trusting some guy on ebay to send me the newest Dell computer for half of retail price. These days it’s only natural. The bad thing is I now expect all internet dealings to be as straightforward as buying a book from Amazon.

The problem these days is I often forget that buying steroids online and having them shipped to US is not really legal (understatement, I know). It became a habitual thing to me. I recently bought some exotic roids from Europe (again) and the shipment was late, 6 days overdue. Naturally I contacted the store and (not using really nice words) demanded to know what was going on. They were nice enough to explain to me when the items were shipped and from where, but that I couldn’t track the shipment because it was not shipped by registered mail. HUH?!

Well, several emails later and I was able to understand everything. With international mail registered packages need to have declaration of contents included. In many countries steroids are legal so one would think no problem, just declare medicine. Well, the customs do read the declaration so those would be checked immediately. A, I was thinking, why not lie? Supposedly, if one lies on the declaration it can be considered a criminal offense. Basically, as I understand, the only way to keep themselves and their customers out of trouble is to simply ship by regular mail.

Finally, the package did arrive. Just delayed a bit.

I got to wonder though, and eventually I did realize that I couldn’t really blame anyone but the country I live in for the problems. I’m not gonna nag about how roids should be legal and all that, but the bottom line is, if you live in a country where a product is illegal, you can’t expect everything to go smoothly every time and sometimes you could have problems.

For example, if you order steroids and they get confiscated, who’s fault is it? Sure, most of us would be angry at the supplier for not shipping carefully enough, but I’ve seen that customs sometimes open packages that could only contain paper. Couple of years back customs would locate and open packages that contained sachets or paper anabolics, which were designed with the sole purpose of passing customs. I really wonder how larger items actually pass customs. I guess if I had a package seized I’d be really angry, but I guess it would be my fault as well, as I’ve paid someone to send those items to me. Unfortunately it’s a take it or leave it situation and one has to be a bit lucky for everything to go smoothly every time.

The bottom line is, I still beleive buying steroids online is the best option for most people (the ones living too far from Mexico anyways). But you do need to keep in mind that ordering steroids to the states is not the same thing as buying your everyday item from Amazon.