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New Asia Pharma Products registered in Thailand

Asia Pharma has registered new products in Thailand:

Asia Pharma is announcing registration of following new products:

1. Stanobolic tablets (Stanozolol 10 mg in 100 tablets box)
Thai FDA registration number of Stanobolic is 1C 153/52
2. Oxyanabolic tablets (Oxymetholone 50 mg in 100 tablets box)
Thai FDA registration number of Oxyanabolic is 1C 152/52
3. Tamoxol tablets (Tamoxifen Citrate 20 mg in 20 tablets box)
Thai FDA registration number of Tamoxol is 1C 157/52

I hope these products will be available in Thailand soon. Than again, Cyp and Deca are still not available in Thailand. So I hope all are available soon. More info on Asia Pharma website.

And a new pharmacy stocks AsiaPharma:

G.M. Drugs
Open : 12.00 – 24.00
18, Kitpanit Building
Patpong Road ,Suriwongse,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Funny Tragic Vid

We’ve seen pictures of abscess, pics of abscess surgery, even seen a video of surgical abscess removal. Now there is video of abscess during a competition. Found this video on a french site and it doesn’t really say what is the white puss-liquid dripping out of the left-most contestant’s bicep. I guess that is the wrost time to have this happen, but I couldn’t help to giggle a bit when I saw it.

Check the video HERE.

Upcoming UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS book really impartial?

It’s no secret that Llewellyn is writing a book that will supposedly expose the truth behind Underground anabolic steroids labs by testing each and every one for contents, bacteria, heavy metal, etc. The book should have been published some time ago but has been delayed because of additional tests that take extra time. Unfortunately there are already widespread rumors that the delay caused because some powerful manufacturers are trying to get better results by all means possible – bribes, attacks, threats. Could that be true?

UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS is in fact awaited eagerly by many bodybuilders as it will literally dictate the sales of anabolics in the future. If a product will be listed as good the lab will multiply sales overnight. If the results will be bad that lab might as well stop producing. And every lab is aware of that – it seems they are literally competing who would provide samples, who woldn’t, there are multiple rumours around that they are trying to bribe the authors to show their products in better (or perfect) light. The Alin-BOS little war is a good example – it has been going on for some time now and was at its height when Alin supposedly DDoSed bodyofscience homesite. At the time I speculated Axxio was behind that, but BOS people claim it was Alin. Alin says it wasn’t him. So I can’t even tell if I’m right or wrong.

The interesting thing to note here though is the developments after the DDoS. It seems the attacks suddenly just stopped. BOS didn’t move to a new server nor was it upgraded/changed/moved behind a firewall/proxy. Nothing. It seems that whoever did the attack simply stopped it after a week. From past experience we learned that when Alin does a DDoS, he doesn’t stop until he has achieved what he wanted.

So the relevant question is what was it that BOS offered to Alin to stop the attacks? Maybe nothing, but if we consider some of the posts during and after the attack it seems somewhat weird. First of all, during the attacks RonnyT was bitching on other forums that they were under attack by Alin. After attacks stopped Alin made couple of posts on BOS Forums stating that he wasn’t the attacker and they had a heated argument with Ronny showing their communications from the past etc. The thread with a conclusion between the two that it is now status Quo – as before. It looks a bit fishy as I would expect some resentment after a DDoS attack, but it seems BOS people are quite forgiving…

This month something interesting happened. Muscular Development published an Article by William Llewellyn in the August issue about Bacteria Contamination. In this article there is only one mention of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, and it is listed in the section of “Oil-based steroids that were analyzed from each of the following companies/underground labs were clean, with no significant bacterial level”. In the section of water based steroids Balkan is not mentioned at all. To be truthful, only three water based-products were tested, but given that Balkan is one of the biggest UGs one would expect that their Strombaject Aqua would be tested along with others. Unless they were only testing products provided by manufacturer and as we saw Balkan was unwilling to donate. As one of the strongest advantages of Balkan is price one would think that they would be ale to procure couple of vials (they are on stock) and test them. Strange – at the same time they are (supposedly?) very angry with each other but on the other hand it seems that no criticism is intended.

On July 18th Williiam wrote an open letter to Alin that can be found here Basically it states that the book results will not be influenced in any way. I would somehow think this doesn’t need to be explained at all; if it needs to be explained, why not include everyone/send it to everyone? It almost looks like William needs to explain/excuse himself, which in a way could mean they are sorry for something. What could that be?

In the same letter Llewellyn wrote:

1) While most other labs refused also, Alin, having professed to us privately many times to have the best QC in the business, refused to send in any samples for testing even though we had a strong open dialog. Even though he would have had total control over when he sent, he sent nothing. We had to get from the black market, like most.

Hmm. In the article in Muscular Development it is pointed out that water based steroids are extremely hard to make with low bacteria count – if we look at it from the perspective of safety we can conclude that a company that can make a good bacteria-free water-based product can also make a good oil based product. So by checking test of Stanozolol Depot we can basically say which company is good or not. Given the fact that Balkan is one of the top 5 Black market manufacturers it is extremely weird it is not listed. It’s true that articles for MD have to be prepared a long time in advance but as the book is being prepared for a very long time now I can’t really accept it as an excuse.

Another problem with the book that I can see is sourcing of tested products. As we can see from open letters and open discussions between Alin and Ronny, BOS team tried to obtain samples from the manufacturers. As long as these samples are only kept as reference and compared to the samples bought on the black market it is OK. But from the discussions on the BOS boards it would seem they have a lack of samples obtained directly from the source as any other bodybuilder would (among other reasons finances are given). So if they run out of money, will they only show results of samples given directly by the manufacturer? I should emphasize that the book will only be helpful to an everyday Joe as long as it completely mimics the behavior of an everyday juicer – samples have to be bought by anonymous individuals from the sources listed as legitimate suppliers, paid in cash if possible, with no hints of any testing whatsoever. I’m sure that William Llewellyn knows this, but I’m pointing it out because it’s never stressed enough. And for complete transparency it could be helpful if the sources would at least be hinted at in the book.

And finally the most disappointing issue that there might be something wrong. I’m taking the Muscular Development Article as a hint of what the book will contain (the article conclusions says so anyway). I will re-write an excerpt from the article in MD so you will get the picture of what I mean.

Of the four water based products that were sent into the lab, three samples contained very high levels of bacteria. The only water-based product that passed bacteria screening was an (additional) ampule of Alpha Pharma stanozolol (lot RX8001). Alpha Pharma is a registered pharmaceutical exporter in India. Their products are not sold domestically in that country, but are not considered ‘underground,’ either. If the product with lot RX7001 actually came from the same company (which we cannot say for certain), it wold underline how difficult it can be to assemble sterile water-based products. As a registered manufacturer, this company should have extensive quality control measures in place (the second lot did pass inspection). India, after all, does have a fairly developed pharmaceutical industry. Still we find bacteria in one of the samples.

At first glance, It looks OK. But if you rethink what is says it’s, argh, wtf?! It doesn’t seem like an eyeopening revelation with straight conclusions, more like a very diplomatically written article who tries not offend Alpha Pharma… If we check the facts – IF Alpha Pharma was manufactured in a pharma environment, the batch RX7001 would never made it in circulation but would have been destroyed in the factory (remember, by world standards, every products must be lab-tested before it leaves the factory…) – in the article it is rather said “it’s even hard to do it for a legit pharma company”. Than it is hinted that it could have been a counterfeit. Here, at least saying if it was obtained from a legit supplier would help us a great deal. And third, It is nowhere stated where the second amp was obtained. It says additional so was it sent in by Aplha Pharma after the first sample showed bacteria?, was it bough at the same time, etc? What I conclude from this is Alpha Pharma is just as bad as the other two products because if I bought it I would be playing bingo never knowing what I’d get. “You have a 50/50 chance of infection – good luck!”

I don’t know what the book UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS will look like. At this moment I’m just pointing out some details I really think the authors should look at before putting the book for sale. People have really high hopes for this book and if it will not be written in such a way as not to allow for any doubt, it could as well bury the Author.

Product verification – why so rare?

The counterfeiters are a plague of pharmaceutical markets for the past 15 years or so. Even more so in the world of anabolic steroids, where established brands, known for the quality and potency of their prods, are counterfeited as soon as the brand gets some positive feedback. So it would seem that a good, responsible manufacturer would also put some effort in making their products as hard to counterfeit as possible.But they rarely do. Why is that?

A new brand was launched couple of months ago, definitely UG, but given the reports of very good quality and very affordable. They seem to have done almost everything right (OK, some of info on the labels was misspelled and users on the forums had to correct them, but these are minor flaws). They also seem to be investing heavily into the advertising so up to this point everything seemed to be perfect. Well, almost everything as they have just declared their products are being counterfeited.

It’s very hard to protect a pharmaceutical brand from counterfeiting these days – all kinds of machinery for making amps, filling vials, pressing tabs, etc, can be bought for a little money. So with little knowledge and effort anyone can make a perfect copy of any product on the market. The endless discussions on the forums whether a product is fake or not prove this point. It is very interesting that so little companies actually react to that. The product verification most used at this time seems very reliable and easy to implement, and some conscious (and some a bit less conscious) companies have actually implemented it without any problems. Euro Hormones, Jintropin, Asia Pharma, Balkan, even the new British Dragon, all have some sort of a variation of product verification.

So the question at hand is why don’t they all do it? Answering this is a bit harder than one would think though.

Major pharmaceutical companies are extremely touchy when their reputation is at stake. Companies like Schering, Organon, Norma, etc, cherish the profits they make from sales of anabolic steroids but are aware that at the same time these products have negative effect on their reputation. They are most probably aware that their products are used as sport enhancers but they ignore it as long as the money comes in and no questions are asked. Given this status quo the counterfeiting of their products is actually a little bit in their interest. Whenever Anabolics are found in a raid or at a customs check it is extremely hard to say if they are originals or counterfeits, and the company owning the brand can always claim they are counterfeits. So for them the counterfeits are basically excuse to sell even greater amounts of products. It makes it a bit harder for the end user, but that’s the price of doing worldwide business.

On the other hand we have small Underground labs. These have a completely different problem – quality. Even the best of them can never be sure how their next batch will look like as they are always dependent on the raw material suppliers. If the raw materials are bunk, the end product will be bunk. And one bunk batch can kill an Underground. And if they had a solid, tamper proof verification system, they could potentially be exposed as manufacturing bunk gear. So for these Labs counterfeiting, given the right conditions, is a positive thing. They could be loosing some profits from counterfeiters but on the other hand whenever there is a problem with any of their products the line will be “It’s a counterfeit products, not ours”. Hmmm.

I know, you’re now thinking, hey, they all have a list of valid suppliers, whoever is there has to have their legit products. The answer is – NOT. This system was introduced by the old British Dragon and it showed how vulnerable it is. Alin was the first to do this. The scam is very simple – Order a small amount of original products and you will earn your place on the legitimate supplier list. Once you are there, simply order or make lots of fakes. Every once in a while order some extra originals and you are set. Profit guaranteed. You are a bastard but you’ll earn a lot, and the best thing is, if you get a complaint you simply direct the customer to the manufacturer (and the manufacturer will blame counterfeits). You are on the supplier list so it is definitely not your fault.

There are probably some extra reasons why these verification systems are not in place. Hard to implement, costs extra, not user-friendly, etc, is simply an excuse as the price of a simple system is probably insignificant compared to the price of the whole product. And I’m sure every customer would be willing to pay an extra dollar or two to be absolutely sure that the product is legitimate.

So considering everything we can see that in all cases the real reason why such a system is not in place is unwillingness of the company to be accountable for their products. In case of large pharmaceutical companies that can be partially understood, while in case of Underground Labs it simply shows the level of their self esteem. So if you have a choice between two very equal products, one with a verification and one without, go for the one with verification…

Infections on the rise

I don’t know if simply didn’t pay that much attention the past years but I am noticing an increasing trend this past year. It seems the steroid related infections are on the rise…

Sure, there were some posts on the forums like “I had a bad infection, my injecting spot is swelling like hell” but there were quite rare. It could be that pure text doesn’t draw that much attention and now that there are plenty pics out there it is more noticeable. However, Digital cameras out there for a decade now and I’m sure that some individuals would record infections if they had one. This past year things changed though. On basically every forum you can see treads of people making pics of nasty “side-effects” of using non-Human Grade gear. Yesterday I saw this hideous video on an Australian blog here

WARNING – if you have a bad stomach, don’t watch it!

Now this vid is hideous in more than one sense. Sure, it’s gross to look at for all but health care pros – I don’t faint at sight of blood but I could barely watch this. It’s more hideous if you start thinking of the cause of this. Now, it doesn’t say what the guy was using, but I really doubt it was your every day orig Schering Sust that caused this. If I would have to guess something more exotic was injected into that biceps (UG), and if it was a shoddy UG product with high bacteria levels, than someone is directly responsible. And that is the hideous part, somebody deliberately made an unhealthy product and sold it for profit knowing really well that an infection is not only possible but likely to occur.

If we get back to the trend of rising infections there are couple of possibilities why the trend is rising. Some bodybuilders believe in the conspiracy theory – As most forums are sponsored by some or another UG manufacturer they believe that the moderators on those forums deliberately banned people who would make any negative reports of the product that caused the infection, sepsis, etc… As people using one brand would manly visit and post on one forum and other forums would not allow posts on other brands anyway, it went unnoticed. This theory has one major flaw though, as boards are still sponsored the info would not be possible to publish just as before. Also, the competitor boards would happily post negative info on other brands.

Second possibility is user awareness. As a general rule whenever a newb would report a problem it would be accounted to that persons inexperience (Supposedly only newbs get infections). So these reports would be hammered down to the point when the newb would himself believe it was his own problem. As actual test reports started to circle in the past year these guys realized that the products are to be blamed for the problems and reports started to spread more openly.

Yet another theory is that the products themselves have degraded. In the time when there is one new Underground Lab every week and the competition is so intense the prices have to drop. In normal economy that would be really great, but as Underground Labs are not regulated a drop in price also means a significant drop in quality. To top it all, the raw materials are actually harder to get in china due to more control attributed to 2008 Olympics. As Chinese have huge demand but little materials they react as a drug dealer would – they dilute or simply swap the raw materials for something else. And as the quality worsens the infections rise.

I personally think that the truth lies somewhere in between the above. Sure, boards filter and suppress negative reports, but you could post them on other boards without any problems. User awareness has increased in the past years but If I had a hole in the size of a tennis ball in my butt nobody would be able to convince me it’s simply improper injection procedures – I’d scream it out with all the details. The last theory in my mind is the most credible, but I wouldn’t say it’s only that – as UGs didn’t use much in the way of advanced pharma equipment before, they cant really use less (unless they moved to a really dirty location, say trailer park…). So, all of these theories are somewhat correct but as all things in life it’s a mix of everything that lead to this. The simple solution to all of this is quite simple though, stay away from Underground products.

Legalization of anabolic steroids – a different view

Ivan Tsikhan, Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Justin Gatlin, Floyd Landis, Barry Bonds… just a few names that were caught doping – Were they guilty of crimes or were they just pushing their bodies to the limit and beyond to show us the possibilities of human body?

In some industries it is practically encouraged to get better results with pharmaceuticals and with help from different doctors. Plastic operation, Botox, Viagra, Collagen injections are just a few examples to enhance the abilities and looks.

If we just look at show business, how many actresses are using Botox to slow their age and how many actors were using HGH to enhance their looks. The look is everything, the make or break of current show business.

It is OK for an actor to visit a surgeon and change whatever needs changing, in fact they are encouraged to do so by their agents, producers, whatever. In porn 99% of actors take Viagra and consider it work tool. Some people object, but generally this is accepted and the law allows it. Yes, this is alright as show business is multi-billion dollar business and these “enhanced” people get to pay more taxes… It doesn’t stop there though, what cannot be changed on the body is later changed on the pictures and most pictures of models these days are digital altered. These are all legal ways to improve the functionality and achievements, nothing is wrong here.

But if the Marion Jones wants to beat the World Record and she is using Erythropoietin (EPO) she is the Devil herself. Wait a minute. Wasn’t she just using all the possibilities she had for that 1/100 of a second, so that she could satisfy our needs for the game itself. The World Record and Gold medals are worth something. First place is the winner, the second isn’t first and the third place is remembered by no one.

Yes, you could say that this is not the sportsmanship, doping is cheating. However, in that case it is not fair that some athletes are training for years using high altitude training, world class nutrition, best coaches and the best equipment they could get their hands on while others were using only old equipment, bad coaches, some were also malnourished. So this cannot be considered sportsman-like either. If we start saying what is OK and what is not, we should really go deeper than just saying doping is bad, everything else is OK. Let’s be frank, most athletes are using some kind of doping, the only difference is they don’t get caught. And the only reason they don’t get caught is because they have more money – more influence on the doping committee (Jonson-Lewis), better coaches who are more aware what can be detected and when, and they have access to better doping substances. BALCO affair should have thought us that. If all should have an equal chance why is Armstrong allowed to use a 100k bike?

Here is an intriguing idea – Why not giving athletes a choice? Yes, you can use doping, but it is your decision only. It is your body, it is your life. Sure would make all the events more interesting… The whole concept of legalized doping would become better for us as we would get new better substances, they would be better researched, and a lot safer athletes would be under constant medical supervision. And of course, no more UG’s.

Arrests, arrests, arrests

It seems the law enforcement is cracking down on Underground steroid and pharmacy producers all over the world. The interesting thing to note is that it seems all these actions are somehow connected. If we follow the news stories it all started in UAE where they found a lot of counterfeit products, than moved to Bulgaria (the country has the record of being the most corrupt European Union state, but it is in EU so no customs to other countries). In Bulgaria they found 3 mil worth of counterfeited pharmaceutical products, steroids, Viagra, etc. including machinery for manufacturing counterfeited products. At that point it was said that they found evidence that the products were destined for western markets. And that was the end of story for Bulgaria.

A week later, and there’s all the news how they arrested dealers in Germany, UK, Israel, South Africa, Canada… It is nowhere specifically noted that any of the busts were connected to Bulgarian bust, but we can speculate. I admit that South Africa and Bulgaria are probably not connected, but Germany could definitely be connected. I have no problems with dealers selling counterfeited drugs being busted but this shows us that police all over the world is getting organized and actually cooperate. Furthermore, they have identified illegally produced underground and counterfeited products as potentially very dangerous. Undoubtedly this is mainly influenced by large pharmaceutical companies as they are loosing money, but general health is the excuse. It could be a coincidence, but…

So how does this concern fellow bodybuilders. At this point, not much. Bulgarian bust took counterfeited Norma and other prods of the market, so it’s good. New people will start making counterfeits though, so no long range change there. However, you should know that ten years ago, steroids were not of much discussion in law enforcement circles, and Polize cooperation between different countries was literally non-existent. This connected busts do change things and will definitely put some extra pressure on the UG’s. So the worst case scenario is higher prices and ultimately less UGs. Probably not a bad thing…


I still remember the first cycle I ever had like it was yesterday – 12 vials of organon deca, 10 amps of sust, some d-bol, 8 weeks, and I got HUGE! OK, I’m aware that some past experiences are idealized in memories but I still think it was the biggest gain I ever got in a single cycle since. Looking back it seems quite a small amount of juice as at peak I was doing 300 mg of Deca and 500 mg of test and couple of dbol tabs every day.

I’ve used larger doses since (who hasn’t) but I always tried to do two cycles per year and have ample clean time in between. I know Pros use a lot higher dosages, never ever go off cycle, etc. However, recently I’ve been noticing many newbs and obviously recreative builders tend to use higher and higher dosages. I can understand more is better mentality but enough is enough and when an acquaintance in the local gym told me the other day he was about to use 6-10 anavar tabs (100 mg per day) on his next cycle I was completely speechless. WTF?!

As said before I may be able to understand this if he was a pro (and even than I’d think he’s crazy) but the guy has been on two cycles so far and he’s rookie in all this. So after I regained my ability to speak I naturally asked what the hell. And he said he heard that anavar is really good etc but was told by his buddy that to be really effective he’d have to use the high doses. I tried and tried and in the end gave up on making him rethink the whole thing.

I did get me thinking though. Now, if you follow forums you will realize that this is indeed going on quite frequently and that many members (and admins) advocate such doses. 4 or 5 amps of Sust per week, 800+ mg of deca per week, 10 anavar tabs, all these amounts really seem crazy. I remember when I was using Oxandrolone I would use up to 12 tabs per day, but they were 2.5 mg per tab. So who in right state of mind would use 100 mg. hmmm

Of course, the whole deal can be explained quite easily (took me a while though…). Me, being a naive juicer who tends to believe the label, the doses seem extreme. However, many people have realized that they need to translate the label. I know, the labels are in English so why translate them?

It is estimated that a great majority of bodybuilders (as far as 95%) willingly or unwillingly use UG, counterfeit, or fake gear. Whatever the reason, people take into account. So, consciously or unconsciously, they compensate. It is no secret that counterfeit and UG products are grossly under-dosed, in some cases as much to only contain only 25% of the advertised dose. They often also contain a completely different active ingredient but that is another story. As these products are often the only items available this is ignored as under-dosed crap is better than nothing.

This is where things get complicated. Some UG’s actually contain more than is advertised. It doesn’t happen to often really, but some times it does. Late Mark at one time was boasting (in 2005) that the latest batch of BD had 110% of active ingredient as they were unsure of what quality the raw material was. Axxio also was recently boasting that his latest batch also contained 10% extra. Now this maybe just a marketing trick but what will happen if (or when) they actually do make such a batch? Guys used to inject triple doses will suddenly be using 330%?!

Now, I do hope that even UGs will sooner or later be dosed as advertised doses but on the other hand I’m quite afraid of the consequences if they do. Sure, most people will again adjust and will be fine, but some poor individuals will have real problems. In a way all this is wishful thinking as I really doubt that the chinese dealers will start selling 100% raws and UGs on the other hand will not invest in a lab to verify the quality of raw materials. So, in a way, we will remain safe.