Asia Pharma Thailand once again

Yeah, I know, I’m writing about Asia Pharma a lot. But I decided I’d get down to this Thailand registration business and here is the follow up. My buddy has finally brought the Enantbolic over so here it is:

Well, after long wait I finally have the Asia Pharma Enantbolic sample in my hands and it is … almost identical to the ones sold on the Internet (for example from our sponsors). The only difference is couple of Thai signs on the box (I have no clue what they mean tho but I guess that is required by Thai government).

Asia Pharma Enantbolic Thailand

A word of note – as it can be seen on the picture, the letters ENA are not on the box. I’ve tried the online verification at and it would not work without the letters. But after I entered the ENA letters it verified normally. I guess they were a little sloppy here and I hope they will fix this soon.

I’ve seen debates on forums whether this is officially sold in pharmacies and where these pharmacies are: I’ve published couple of addresses before and here is a map of where this pharmacy is (from their business card). And also a pic as they were on the shelves (my buddy made a pic).

Map of Pharmacy

Asia Pharma Pharmacy

I didn’t inject this yet but as it verified online I’m sure it is just as good as the other Enantbolic was. the price in the pharmacy was 1600 THAI BAHT ( cca $45.00).

PS: If you do copy these pics please give credit.

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