British Dragon advises against buying BD products

When I’m right I’m right!

Just the other day I was writing about how any BD product sold now is bad and fake and now British Dragon literally confirmed my assumption (maybe they read my post?):

We receive countless email inquiries whether the British Dragon Product purchased is a legitimate British Dragon product, with some people even adding pictures of the received product. Everybody should be aware that British Dragon has not manufactured any products in years and at the moment THERE ARE NONE LEGITIMATE British Dragon products available anywhere. New products were not yet made and our best estimate at the moment is September or October.

In regards to old batches please understand that they were made 5 or more years ago, and expiry period of our products is not more than 3 Years. So please understand that ALL products currently offered on the market are 100% counterfeits, regardless of the source.

Using counterfeited medical products is potentially lethal! Counterfeited products are only made with profit in mind, are not produced to any pharmaceutical standard and are usually are full of bacteria and are potentially hazardous. Majority of Counterfeieted products are made in China and are than either smuggled out of the country. Counterfeiters are abusing the good reputation of British Dragon to sell their low-quality products and in the end tarnish the British Dragon reputation.

More info on British Dragon website.

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