Life Threatening Counterfeit Products 2 – Bacteria…

As Anabolex admins locked the thread on this issue I’m unable to comment there so here are some additional thoughts on the issue.

I’m not a pharmacist so I don’t know much on production of medicine (Human grade GMP or UG) but I think I can speculate on the bacteria issue on basic logic grounds. As I’m a computer geek (haaa, no wonder, blogger…) I know a thing or two about comps. So here’s an interesting analogy. Those who are computer-illiterate may now stop reading.

I had technical difficulty the other day with my comp – my Hard Disk unexpectedly died on me. As I head some really important work data on it I was looking for a solution on retrieving the data and eventually found a small lab that specialized in data retrieval from damaged Hard Disks. Not many of you know but if you have a prob with a HDD, never ever open it hoping you will fix it – you will destroy it completely! The reason is the device is so delicate that if you open it small particles in the air, or dead cells from your skin will lay on the HDD platter and basically destroy it. I talked to the guys in the data retrieval lab and they said that they use pharmaceutical grade clean room equipment so they can open the Hard Drive without damaging it, and the procedures are basically the same as in a Pharmaceutical factory. they went on saying the clean room cost alone (500 square feet) was $180k.

Here is the common logic – if your room and the particles on your hands can kill a relatively rough device like a HDD I can only imagine what can get in the oils that we in the end inject in our bodies, and especially what these particles will do. And the thought of what ends up in the oils in the UG labs that have no clean room equipment is absolutely horrific. I can only wish they at least wear gloves when they brew the products.

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