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Numerous Arrests in the US

We’re now in the steroid high season when every bodybuilder wants to get prepared for the summer (let’s face it, one of the reasons we do it is to look good on the beach). It would seem that the police is aware of this as well as the numerous arrests this week indicate. 66 men in Texas (including firefighters), a guy in Florida, NY cops facing charges, etc. It would seem at this time of year the law wants to make some examples and they go hard on dealers. Or maybe the dealers get sloppy because of demand.

Be as it may, I for one hope that these actions are short-lived and everything will go back to normal. However, I do hope this will bring something good to the comunity. As I’m sure all the substances will be tested for the indictment I for one really hope the test results will be made public so we can see what the quality of the gear average joe buys in the streets is.

I checked out numerous videos and I did find it funny as some of the policemen shown making arrests look like they’re surely juicing themselves. Hypocritical?

Asia Pharma Thailand once again

Yeah, I know, I’m writing about Asia Pharma a lot. But I decided I’d get down to this Thailand registration business and here is the follow up. My buddy has finally brought the Enantbolic over so here it is:

Well, after long wait I finally have the Asia Pharma Enantbolic sample in my hands and it is … almost identical to the ones sold on the Internet (for example from our sponsors). The only difference is couple of Thai signs on the box (I have no clue what they mean tho but I guess that is required by Thai government).

Asia Pharma Enantbolic Thailand

A word of note – as it can be seen on the picture, the letters ENA are not on the box. I’ve tried the online verification at and it would not work without the letters. But after I entered the ENA letters it verified normally. I guess they were a little sloppy here and I hope they will fix this soon.

I’ve seen debates on forums whether this is officially sold in pharmacies and where these pharmacies are: I’ve published couple of addresses before and here is a map of where this pharmacy is (from their business card). And also a pic as they were on the shelves (my buddy made a pic).

Map of Pharmacy

Asia Pharma Pharmacy

I didn’t inject this yet but as it verified online I’m sure it is just as good as the other Enantbolic was. the price in the pharmacy was 1600 THAI BAHT ( cca $45.00).

PS: If you do copy these pics please give credit.

British Dragon advises against buying BD products

When I’m right I’m right!

Just the other day I was writing about how any BD product sold now is bad and fake and now British Dragon literally confirmed my assumption (maybe they read my post?):

We receive countless email inquiries whether the British Dragon Product purchased is a legitimate British Dragon product, with some people even adding pictures of the received product. Everybody should be aware that British Dragon has not manufactured any products in years and at the moment THERE ARE NONE LEGITIMATE British Dragon products available anywhere. New products were not yet made and our best estimate at the moment is September or October.

In regards to old batches please understand that they were made 5 or more years ago, and expiry period of our products is not more than 3 Years. So please understand that ALL products currently offered on the market are 100% counterfeits, regardless of the source.

Using counterfeited medical products is potentially lethal! Counterfeited products are only made with profit in mind, are not produced to any pharmaceutical standard and are usually are full of bacteria and are potentially hazardous. Majority of Counterfeieted products are made in China and are than either smuggled out of the country. Counterfeiters are abusing the good reputation of British Dragon to sell their low-quality products and in the end tarnish the British Dragon reputation.

More info on British Dragon website.

Belgian bodybuilders flee anti-doping officials, forcing cancellation of event

By The Associated Press BRUSSELS

The Belgian bodybuilding championship had to be cancelled after anti-doping officials showed up and all the competitors fled.

“I have never seen anything like it and hope never to see anything like it again,” said anti-doping official Hans Cooman. He said some bodybuilders just grabbed all their gear and ran off when he came into the room. Twenty bodybuilders were entered in the weekend competition.

“The sport has a history of doping and this incident didn’t do its reputation any good,” Cooman said.

Belgium’s bodybuilding federation did not dispute the facts but said it could not explain why the competitors had suddenly rushed off.

“There is only one conclusion I can think of and that is doping,” Cooman said.

During in-competition testing of bodybuilding events last year, the doping authorities of northern Belgium’s Flanders region found three-quarters of the competitors tested positive for doping, with most showing excessive levels of anabolic steroids.

Cooman said he would report the case to the Flemish disciplinary committee, which will have to decide whether it can sanction competitors who refused to be tested.

What can I say, I guess they had a good reason to flee…

Life Threatening Counterfeit Products 2 – Bacteria…

As Anabolex admins locked the thread on this issue I’m unable to comment there so here are some additional thoughts on the issue.

I’m not a pharmacist so I don’t know much on production of medicine (Human grade GMP or UG) but I think I can speculate on the bacteria issue on basic logic grounds. As I’m a computer geek (haaa, no wonder, blogger…) I know a thing or two about comps. So here’s an interesting analogy. Those who are computer-illiterate may now stop reading.

I had technical difficulty the other day with my comp – my Hard Disk unexpectedly died on me. As I head some really important work data on it I was looking for a solution on retrieving the data and eventually found a small lab that specialized in data retrieval from damaged Hard Disks. Not many of you know but if you have a prob with a HDD, never ever open it hoping you will fix it – you will destroy it completely! The reason is the device is so delicate that if you open it small particles in the air, or dead cells from your skin will lay on the HDD platter and basically destroy it. I talked to the guys in the data retrieval lab and they said that they use pharmaceutical grade clean room equipment so they can open the Hard Drive without damaging it, and the procedures are basically the same as in a Pharmaceutical factory. they went on saying the clean room cost alone (500 square feet) was $180k.

Here is the common logic – if your room and the particles on your hands can kill a relatively rough device like a HDD I can only imagine what can get in the oils that we in the end inject in our bodies, and especially what these particles will do. And the thought of what ends up in the oils in the UG labs that have no clean room equipment is absolutely horrific. I can only wish they at least wear gloves when they brew the products.

Counterfeit British Dragon products death threatening!?

Stories like the one published by a user on Anabolex Forums happen more often than one would think, but most bodybuilders don’t want to make their own experience public.

I almost died from this.
This is no joke I am not making this up!
So here is what happened to me:

I just got out of the hospital and I was in there for 3 weeks with a bacterial infection called MRSA. It was in my bloodstream, and there was an abess by 2 of my injection sites filled with puss that had the MRSA bacteria in it.
I was told I could have dies becuase the MRSA was in my bloodstream.
The docs are almost sure it has something to do with the gear I was on.
I was taking the BD crap that is going around now and nothing else but that.
It could have been just one bottle that caused it, and possibly I got it some other way.
I lost 40 lbs in 3 weeks while in there.
But I had 3 other friends that just happened to get similar injfections, and they all had forms of staff! One guy had a flesh eating bacteria at an injection site and the other 2 had to be hospitalized !
The last batch I got of tren hexy and andropen seemed very weak too especially the tren. The price is great on the stuf and there is a reason why it is so cheap!
Stay away from that BD coming from china!

Bacterial infections and Abscess are actually relatively widespread problems that every bodybuilder should know about – many are aware of it but tend to ignore “it thinking it will not happen to me”. There’s a lot of people that have actually experienced this, but don’t want to discuss it publicly for various reasons; they don’t want to admit that they are using Anabolic Steroids or they don’t wish to look stupid in the eyes of bodybuilding friends (only the dumb ones that don’t know how to inject properly get infections – NOT TRUE).

Those people that do tell of their problems have one fact in common – almost exclusively the gear they use when they have problems is made by Underground Laboratories without a proper license and/or proper manufacturing facilities. Although user posting later on adds

The doctors say there is a very good chance I had the bacteria on my skin and then when I injected it introduced the bacteria into my bloodstream.

one has to wonder whether the doctors opinion is given knowing all the facts (did the doc know he was injecting UG gear? If doc assumed he used HG gear he must also assume no bacteria in the product, so it had to come from elsewhere).

I still believe the main problem is the use of improper gear rather anything else. I really have to wonder at people still buying British Dragon gear when it is obvious that it is not legit (British Dragon states on their page they were not manufacturing for years now). So whatever BD gear is on the market now is counterfeit. And counterfeit means the lowest quality possible (god knows what is in there). The counterfeiter doesn’t care what product he sells because whatever happens it’s BD’s fault. I’m not an UG fan but I would prefer any other UG brand over BD at this moment for the only reason that every company that sells under their own brand at least tries to keep the good name. Counterfeiters don’t give a damn.

So the conclusion is, don’t buy BD as it is counterfeit = bunk, and all you will get is problems. And whatever gear you use, be careful where injecting. We have an army injecting manual here that should be of help (as one of our members observed, they are not perfect either, wear rubber gloves!)

Asia Pharma now available in Thailad

As written in one of the previous posts Asia Pharma products were supposed to arrive in Thailand just about now, but they were nowhere to be found. This has changed somewhat as now I have some really good news; at least two pharmacies in Bangkok have the Asia Pharma Enantbolic on stock now:

P.T. Drugs
75/8 Soi Sukumvit 3/1, Sukumvit Rd., Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 , Thailand

Pharmacist shop – Paysachakorn
193/4 Pradipat Rd., (Near Pradipat Hotel) Payathai, Bangkok 10400 , Thailand

If anybody is reading this and is in Bangkok right now, do give some feedback. I’ll try to get somebody to visit them and get confirmation myself.

Human Grade rare Anabolic streoids?

Well, It has finally happened. There is much dispute whether Asia Pharma Pharmaceuticals is a Human Grade manufacturer or a fancy UGL. The fact is that they have successfully registered Enantbolic and Decabolic (test. enanthate and nandrolone decanoate) in Thailand, and bodybuilders have accepted the fact that the normal products that are manufactured by many other companies are indeed human grade. Reports from people using these products also confirm that they are of exceptional quality.

So the main question was how the more exotic products will fare. Well, we can expect the answers very soon as online pharmacies have already started sales of certain products. has published news today that the following products were received: Stanozolol Depot (Stanobolic Injection), Stanozolol Tabs (Stanobolic Tablets), Trenbolone Acetate (Trenabolic Injection), Turanabol (Turanabolic Tablets), and Aquaviron (Aquabolic Injection).

The main question is will these products be of the same high quality as we got used to in the past months. It is interesting to note that the products are quite cheap considering other Asia Pharma products (here Stanozolol really sticks out at $93.60 for 500 mg). I for one would really wish to see some testing done by Llewllyn so we could compare these to other manufacturers. If you want to be a test dummy visit

Steroids safe in medicine but dangerous in bodybuilding

Mesomorphosis published an interesting article about a World Health Organization study made in china – 1000 men were injected a monthly dose of 500 mg testosterone undecanoate for thirty (30!) months and it proved to be a “safe, effective, reversible and reliable contraception in a high proportion of [participants]” Interestingly enough, most official organizations will warn everybody interested to listen that Anabolic Steroids are very dangerous and potentially life threatening. It is true that dosages of bodybuilding cycles are a lot higher, however a bodybuilder would averagely be on a cycle for 10 weeks.

One also have to consider that most of the Anabolic Steroids were developed as medicine to treat patients for various diseases, deficiencies. So one really has to wonder why so extremely different enterpretations of the same subject and I really believe this study only officially confirms what bodybuilders have known for a very long time: STEROIDS ARE SAFE TO USE!

Article found here.

Another Anabolic Streoid Test done in Germany

There is an interesting article on Muscular Development showing tests of original, counterfeited, and Underground anabolic steroid products. German Police arrested three dealers in Germany and tested the products they seized with them. Do remember that these tests by an official Government laboratory so the results are most definitely accurate, although the tests seem to only be directed towards identifying the active ingredient, there is no toxicological testing, not even the amount of active ingredient.

The article can be found here.

And the results:

Anadrol (oxymetholone):

1. Oxytone 50mg (SB Labs, Thailand) Result: PASS
2. Oxytone 50mg (SB Labs, Thailand) Result: PASS
3. Oxytone 50mg (SB Labs, Thailand) Result: PASS

Deca (nandrolone decanoate):

1. Norma Hellas (100mg/mL) Result: FAIL (testosterone)
2. Norma Hellas (100mg/mL) Result: FAIL (testosterone)
3. Norma Hellas (100mg/mL) Result: FAIL (testosterone)
4. Norma Hellas (100mg/mL) Result: FAIL (testosterone)
5. Decabol 250 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (testosterone)

Dianabol (methandrostenolone):

1. Anabol 5mg (British Dispensary, Thailand) Result: FAIL (methyltestosterone)
2. Anabol 5mg (British Dispensary, Thailand) Result: PASS
3. Anabol 5mg (British Dispensary, Thailand) Result: PASS
4. Danabol DS 10mg (March, Thailand) Result: PASS
5. Danabol DS 10mg (March, Thailand) Result: PASS
6. Naposim 5mg (Terapia, Romania) Result: FAIL (methyltestosterone)

Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate):

1. Boldabol 200 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: PASS

Halotestin (fluoxymesterone):

1. Fluoxymesterone (IP, Underground) Result: PASS

Primobolan (methenolone enanthate):

1. Primobol 100 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (nandrolone, testosterone)

Proviron (mesterolone):

1. Proviron 25mg Result: PASS

Sustanon 250 (testosterone mix):

1. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
2. Sustanon 250 (Nile, Egypt) Result: FAIL (different testosterones)
3. Sustanon 250 (Nile, Egypt) Result: FAIL (different testosterones)
4. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
5. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
6. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
7. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
8. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
9. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS

Testosterone Cypionate:

1. Testex Prolongatum 125 (Q Pharma, Spain) Result: PASS
2. Testabol 200 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (different testosterones)

Testosterone Enanthate:

1. Testofort 250mg/mL (Pliva, Pakistan) Result: PASS
2. Testosterone Depot 250 (Eifelfango, Germany) Result: PASS
3. Testosterone Depot 250 (Eifelfango, Germany) Result: PASS
4. Testoviron Depot 250 (Medipharm, Pakistan) Result: PASS
5. Testoviron Depot 250 (Medipharm, Pakistan) Result: PASS
6. Cidoteston 250 (CID, Egypt) Result: FAIL (includes T. cypionate)
7. Cidoteston 250 (CID, Egypt) Result: PASS

Testosterone Propionate:

1. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
2. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
3. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
4. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
5. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
6. Testabol (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (different testosterones)

Trenbolone (various esters):

1. Trenabol 75 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (boldenone, testosterone)
2. Trenabol 100 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (boldenone, testosterone)
3. Tri-Trenabol 150 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (trenbolone, testosterone)
4. Trenabol 200 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (trenbolone, testosterone)

Winstrol (stanozolol):

1. Winstrol Depot 50mg/mL (Zambon, Spain) Result: PASS
2. Winstrol Depot 50mg/mL (Zambon, Spain) Result: PASS
3. Winstrol Depot 50mg/mL (Zambon, Spain) Result: PASS
4. Stanabol 50 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: PASS