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Morris – Swine flu could respond to Tamiflu

An expert Roger Morris said swine flu could react to the cure Tamiflu – Oseltamivir Phosphate.

Roger Morris, an international disease control consultant, said at this stage the virus seems to react to Tamiflu and any early cases which arrived New Zealand would be treated with the drug, the Newstalk ZB radio reported on Sunday.

An expert in disease control said New Zealand cannot stop the spread of a new strain of swine flu simply by stopping travel, New Zealand media reported on Sunday.

An emergency decree has been declared in Mexico following the outbreak of a new flu virus suspected of killing 81 people there.

The World Health Organization has declared the outbreaks of influenza-like illness in Mexico and four U.S. states as a “public health emergency of international concern”.

The flu spread from person to person, rather than being caught from pigs.

But health officials have stopped short of declaring a pandemic.

Morris said stopping travel movement around the world will not stop the virus spreading.

He added that there will be enough people incubating the disease who will get through the system and continue to spread it.

More info on CDC about Swine flu.

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New Decabolic by Asia Pharma from Thailand

We have received news (unconfirmed at this time) that Asia Pharma Pharmaceuticals has registered Decabolic (Nandrolone Decanoate) in Thailand which would suggest that Decabolic should be available for sale in Thai pharmacies very soon.

What the end price of Decabolic in pharmacies will be, and when it will actually be available is yet to be seen.

For the moment we await some form of confirmation but it seems soon we will have a lot of new anabolic steroids available in Thailand.

Now I only hope the protests will end soon and if their register Bold we’ll all move to Thailand.

Will update when further news is available.