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UK sprinter Dwain Chambers and his steroid life

Dwain Chambers took a cocktail of 300 drugs in one year, during which time he passed ten tests, the disgraced sprinter has revealed.

Chambers tested positive in October 2003 for the banned steroid THG, which he began taking at the start of 2002 after linking up with Victor Conte, the self-made sports nutritionist and founder of BALCO.

In his autobiography, Race Against Me, serialized in the Daily Mail, Chambers revealed: “Barely four months into my ‘program’ to become the fastest man in the world and I was on drugs nearly every day.

“I was routinely tested for performance-enhancing drugs by an independent tester. Not once did I test positive. By the time I had passed ten tests, I had won a European gold but my times were hardly improving.”

Chambers revealed that drug-induced cramps forced him to pull up in the Commonwealth Games 100m in Manchester in 2002. “By the time I walked back to the dressing room, the cramps had almost gone,” he said. “Physically, I was fine; mentally I was in turmoil. I watched the replays on TV later and wondered for the first time what sort of damage I was doing to myself.

“In October I administered substances 21 times. I wasn’t just on THG, EPO and HGH, but testosterone to help with sleep and reduce cholesterol. I was also injecting insulin, three units into my stomach after a heavy weightlifting session. On Christmas Day, as I sat in the bathroom with “The Clear” (THG), I realized I had been taking drugs more than 300 different concoctions for 12 months.”