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Olympic games have a negative effect on anabolic steroids

It is a well known fact that Anabolic steroids have had a negative effect on Olympic games but now it is actually vice versa. It is a well known fact that majority of underground steroids manufacturers were obtaining raw materials for their products from china and in fact Chinese raw material producers have boosted the manufacturing and sales of anabolic steroids in the past years.

But as Beijing Olympics are approaching the Chinese authorities have decided to stop manufacturers of raw materials in order not to compromise the Olympics. there are unconfirmed rumors of people in the business disappearing and inability of practically anybody to obtain raw materials from china. Complaints by many athletes that the quality of the whole underground steroid supply has fallen substantially in the past months is a direct result of the Chinese closing their factories.

There are some rumors that all will be better after the Olympics have ended, however, it seems that the era of cheap quality underground products is ending and we’re back to the old days.

NFL: Upshaw says players will accept HGH testing

“We all know there is no reliable test for HGH,” Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFL Players Association said yesterday at the union’s Super Bowl news conference.”Until a test is developed for HGH, there’s really not an awful lot to talk about. And when that test is developed, we really believe it should be a urine test. No one is interested in a blood test. We got a lot of big tough guys, but they don’t even like to be pricked on the finger to give blood.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell has said repeatedly since taking office just before the 2006 season that the league would implement a test for HGH as soon as one was found.

We are all waiting for the New England Patriots – New York Giants game to begin!

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