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Andrey Kashechkin says doping controls violate human rights and will present his case to the Belgian court

Andrey Kashechkin is ready to present his case that doping controls violate basic human rights. The Kazakh cyclist, who tested positive for blood doping in August, has a hearing before a Belgian court on November 6 to challenge the right of sport officials to conduct doping tests

In an interview with the AFP news agency, his lawyer, Luc Misson, said that he will base his argument on article 8 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, which says that only public authorities can interfere in people’s private lives, and that “the sports authorities are not the public authorities.” Even collecting blood samples violates human rights, he said.

Misson said: “If we lose, we will go to the court of appeal, then the Supreme Court of Appeal, then the European Court of Human Rights,” he said. “And then we will be in a very good position. At the human rights court it would lead to a [favourable] decision at a world, if not a European level.”

Luc Misson was also the attorney for Jean-Marc Bosman, a Belgian soccer player, who basically ended the payment of transfer fees in professional football under EU law. At the time, Bosman’s contract had expired and wanted to change teams from the Belgian to the French League, but the teams could not resolve their differences about how much the transfer sum would be. The subsequent court ruling allowed freedom of movement of players in the European Union.

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Marathon and no music!? Usa Track & Field ban headphones, IPODs and other musical players

USA Track & Field, the U.S. governing body for running, banned headphones, IPods, Micro Players, Zunes and other musical players at their official races!

They are saying it brings all listeners a competitive edge to other non listeners!

They also state that it is for safety reasons.

Jill Geer, spokeswoman for USA Track & Field, said the ban was “basically an insurance issue,” because rates rise substantially if headphones are allowed. Each sanctioned race receives liability insurance from USA Track & Field, and it would be up to each race director to enforce the ban. If the ban was not enforced, the races would incur the liability in the event of an accident caused by someone using headphones,

Geer said. While race officials could not cite specific incidents caused by headphone users, they did say that the new rule would make races safer because it improves communication. Still, they fear that banning headphones may alienate some recreational runners.

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