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Obesity in United States

I just received an interesting page on about Obesity through years in United States of America!

Obesity is a real problem!

I would suggest a lot of cardiovascular exercise for loosing fat.

Here is a basic tip how to maximize your progress with fighting the fat.

The best way to batlle fat is to be in the fat burning zone. This is the zone at which you are doing enough work to burn fat. Your pulse (how fast your heart is beating per minute) determines this zone.

The fat burning zone formula is the following:

Fat burning zone=220-(Your Age) x (.75)
Example if you are 40 years old. Than your fat burning zone is:

220 – 40 x (0.75) = 135 beats per minute

It is important to remember that this are only approximation values. If your pulse is around 10 beats from calculated fat burning zone then you will be burning fat.

Here are orientational values for 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year old person.

Years Beats per Minute
20 150
25 146
30 142
35 139
40 135
45 131
50 127
55 124
60 120

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