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EuroHormones Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone) is already on sell

We’re getting more good news in – Growth Hormone this time.

It seems soon the most sought after anabolic (well, its not really an anabolic steroid) is about to get cheaper.

A new pharmaceutical company called EuroHormones will introduce affordable synthetic Human Growth Hormone called simply Somatropin. It should come in a box of 10 vials, 8 IU each (so a total of 80 IU) and the end price should be below USD 500.00 per box.

Judging by the pictures the product is almost ready and we eagerly await it’s launch.

EuroHormones - Somatropin

Unconfirmed news says it should launch in May, just about time for us to use it before summer.

You heard it first at

15% percent of Supplements spiked with steroids

According to George Spellwin of EliteFitness (his research based on Association of Athletic Federations) Supplement manufacturers are adding steroids to their products.

Whether this is done on purpose or not, and how this affects professional athletes is (for me personally) besides the point.

It does seem however, that supplants are actually effective (unlike the popular belief) and that buying them could prove worth the effort and money. Now we only want to know which specific products actually have steroids added, what is added, and where to buy them. Then we can all get BIG the legal way, and blame it on the vitamins.

Chad Waterbury – 6 Basic Essentials from Testosterone Nation

Just read a mini article from Chad Waterbury about 6 Basic Essentials from Testosterone Nation

1. Frequency

Each body part should be trained twice per week. I’ve learned that anyone, regardless of recovery ability or experience, can benefit from upping the training frequency of each body part to twice every week. See my previously published articles at for full programs.

2. Exercise Selection

Compound, multi-joint exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows should make up at least 75% of your total exercises. If not, you’re wasting your time on isolation exercises that aren’t demanding enough on your neuromuscular system to have any real physique-enhancing benefits. I must stress that 75% is an absolute minimum. Spending 100% of your time on compound exercises is an excellent idea!

3. Set/Rep Volume

As a general rule of thumb for inexperienced trainees, I like to use a set/rep volume in the 24 to 30 range. For example, 8 x 3 or 3 x 8 per body part works well for the lower end of the range. A set/rep scheme of 10 x 3 or 3 x 10 works well for the upper end range. I recommend you start with a volume of around 24 and increase from there if you feel your recovery allows for it. (Just multiply the sets by the reps to get your number.)

4. Training Intensity

The only time you should flirt with failure is on the last rep of the last set for each body part. If you reach failure before that time, decrease the load by 5% for the next workout (using the same method) the following week. If you don’t feel like you’re approaching failure on the last rep of the last set, increase the load 5% for the next workout the following week.

5. Method Cycling

The simplest way to alternate training methods (sets and reps) without driving yourself into a frenzy is to simply switch the set/rep scheme for the subsequent workout for the same upper or lower body training day. In other words, if you performed 8 x 3 on day one for upper body, switch to 3 x 8 for the next upper body workout of the week.

6. Lifting Tempo

Don’t worry about it. As long as you use proper form and control the lifting and lowering phase, you’ll be fine. Focus your mental energy on moving the load instead of counting the rep tempo.

Asia Dispensary on the horizon…

It seems the anabolic steroids supply scene will change some more with the arrival of Asia Dispensary!

Another new company is due to submerge in the next months that seems to aim for more profound and quality oriented athletes. This new company is called Asia Dispensary.

Asia Dispensary claims to offer the whole line of most used anabolic steroids, including, Dianabol, Anadrol, Winstrol (oral and injectable) and others. The novelty here is in the packing. Unlike other manufacturers that focus on producing tabs in high quantities and simply sending them around in bags, Asia Dispensary will pack the tabs in push out strips as most modern pharmaceutical companies have done for decades now.

The quality of the product itself is also supposed to be top notch.

However, claims are one thing and reality another, so we will be watching closely.

We will update you as soon as there is any further news.

Human Growth Hormone on CNN Health

I just watched a interesting show about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) on CNN.

The show was talking about baby boomers over the age of 50 taking HGH.

HGH was not a familiar drug to public until Dr. Daniel Rudman reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that men taking a six-month course of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) reduced their body fat by 14.4 percent while increasing lean muscle mass by 8.8 percent. This are incredible numbers of lean muslce gain and body fat loss.

As stated in the show and in the article the study included just a dozen men, but it inspired a flood of anti-aging literature touting the benefits of growth hormone, along with countless Web sites selling HGH creams and sprays. Endocrinologists say those products though, are worthless; the body can use HGH only when it’s injected.

You can read more about this article on CNN Health web page