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PaperAnabolics – Paperoids

There is a new buzz in the mail steroids business. Everybody is talking about a new packaging called paper steroids.

So what is this, is it worth the buzz or is it just another PR BS?

Well let me tell you like this. If you live in Australia or in similar place where customs are very strict, then you should listen and join the buzz.

Steroids in paper form are created so that the chemical is imprinted into eatable rice paper. Usually there are from 100 to 500 square grids printed on it. Every square grid is consistent. You just cut out how many squares you want and you are ready to go.

The easiest way to cut them is with a knife or another very sharp object.

After you have cut out the selected quantity just eat them like you would tablets. You can swallow them, or you can put them under the tongue and let them melt before swallowing.

Some users also claim that there are better gains and less side effects with this paper anabolic steroids. is already selling them.

Here you can get more info on PaperAnabolics.